Social Media Campaign Review : Prestige SmartChef

Courtesy: Prestige on Facebook


A cooking competition by a cooker brand? That sounds pretty obvious but it is also the most effective campaign that Prestige could come up with. The SmartChef contest is simple – participants send in their recipes to get a chance to be a Prestige Champion and ultimately a Prestige SmartChef. The top 100 recipes will be compiled into a Prestige SmartChef cookbook.


The objective of the campaign is to promote the culinary skills of Prestige users and provide them a platform for exhibiting their talent while rewarding them for the same. The campaign also aims to create a community of sorts of people who enjoy cooking and innovating.


The campaign is being conducted through its own website and also being promoted on Facebook and Twitter. Round one of the competition has been concluded while the deadline for Round two has been extended to September 30, 2012.

Photographs of winners are posted on their Facebook page. The competition appears to cater mainly to female participants though there are a few male entries as well. Along with being a contest, the website also serves as an exhaustive directory of recipes for any interested visitor.

As far as prizes go, contributors of existing recipes get a voucher for Rs. 250 from TTK Prestige Ltd. The final 100 SmartChefs will receive a voucher worth Rs. 2,500/- from TTK Prestige Ltd. But of course, the ultimate prize is to be a part of the cookbook.

Taking the use of the digital medium ahead, Prestige will also include the top 100 winning recipes in the unique Cook Online Experience, where users will be able to learn cooking or simply have fun, playing online, in an interactive virtual kitchen environment. The application will create a video of the user’s performance, which she or he can then share with family and friends.


  • Over a 1000 recipes submitted on the site
  • 670 Super-chefs listed in the directory
Existing participants appear to be quite involved and excited judging by their Facebook comments. However, not much effort is being made to attract new ones.

Scope for Improvement

Prestige launched the SmartChef contest towards the end of last year and the response has been reasonable. However, a little more tweaking of the tried and tested recipe routine might work wonders for the campaign. For instance, the contest could have involved sending in videos of how to cook recipes rather than just a written down version of the recipe.

The Twitter handle of Prestige SmartChef has merely 31 tweets and 15 followers while its blog has a single post and no followers so those platforms could have been leveraged better.


The idea of a culinary contest for any brand related to food and cooking is simply too run of the mill. The marketers at Prestige could put on their thinking caps and come up with something different that could still form a strong association with the brand – perhaps a spin on the word “Prestige”. This is not a bad campaign but it isn’t a “wow” one either.