Social Media Campaign Review: Smirnoff Bar


The objective of the Smirnoff Bar is to create awareness among fans about the different flavours of Smirnoff vodka and the variety of cocktails you can make with them, while giving them a taste of bartending in a virtual club setting, complete with music and ambience.

Smirnoff Bar facebook app


Smirnoff facebook game

From creating the perfect mood and ambience to designing a game that you simply can’t stop playing, the Smirnoff Bar is a winner all the way along. You need the latest Flash Player to play this game and no knowledge of mixing at all!

There is a timer of two minutes within which you have to mix a cocktail, accompanied by awesome trance music and even a DJ talking over the music now and then.

You get handsome tips when you mix the drinks fast without any error and you get money every time you mix a drink successfully. You lose tiny amounts for errors and along the way, you also learn what actually goes into those fancy cocktails with unpronounceable names!


Smirnoff deck

This app does it all – inform, engage, entertain and keep you coming back for more. There is a leaderboard of top scorers so you know what you’re competing with.

And you can also challenge your friends to beat your score. The app appeals to men and women alike, anyone who enjoys alcohol or the club culture or simply wants to try virtual bartending.

And with that array of Smirnoff vodkas that you keep returning to, the game is bound to increase brand recognition and recall.

Smirnoff Crash course

There is even a crash course in case you’re lost the first time. So a pretty girl guides you through the basic steps and then you’re good to go!

Scope for Improvement


The app only has 60 monthly users and the reason was pretty obvious. The Smirnoff India Facebook Page is not making any attempts to promote this app to it’s community.

Also, the app doesn’t allow people to interact, comment or share so that’s a big advantage that Smirnoff is losing out on. This app is clearly a winner but it desperately needs to bring together its Facebook community to generate more conversations and make it a popular movement.