Social Media Campaign Review: Tupperware's She Can You Can

Ankita Shreeram
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Social Media Campaign Review: Tupperware's She Can You Can


Tupperware, a brand that caters primarily to women, has made an attempt to reach out to its target audience with its new campaign 'She Can You Can', on the lines of Femina's 'Believe' campaign.

Armed with a website and a strong Facebook and Youtube presence, the campaign is primarily directed towards female entrepreneurs. The tagline is "Dreams come true with Tupperware" and the social media partner for this campaign is SocialKonnekt.



The Facebook page of the campaign states "She Can You Can, in essence, is an initiative to capture stories of women going beyond the ordinary, the said and the done and establishing a mark for themselves." The description makes use of words like 'exclusive' and 'extra-ordinary', simultaneously achieving the aim of making women feel good about themselves and associating those very qualities with Tupperware.

While there is no monetary incentive, the women whose stories are selected, will enjoy the pride and honour of being featured on Tupperware's website and being the cynosure of all eyes.



Women entrepreneurs and achievers are invited to share their stories with or without a picture and selected stories are featured on the Facebook page and website. But the most exciting feature is that the Tupperware team publishes videos of the achievers on Youtube and that's where most of the engagement seems to be centred.

However, though the Youtube views are considerable, I could spot hardly any comments. Not much conversation is being generated through this campaign and the whole thing has a too 'niche' feel to it.

The Facebook page and website also feature a link to a be part of the Tupperware business opportunity. Perhaps this could be interlinked with the campaign and be featured as one of the rewards for being selected.



  • 64,208 views and 35 subscribers on Youtube
  • 27 stories featured on Facebook

Scope for Improvement


Why just target entrepreneurs? There's more to women than just entrepreneurship though we are not devaluing that in any way. Tupperware users include homemakers and primarily the working woman. The campaign doesn't make the average working woman feel special in any way. The scope of this campaign should ideally be much wider.

Another huge drawback is that the Facebook app resembles the She Can You Can website to the last detail. There is no additional provision for 'likes' or  'comments', thus making no use of Facebook features at all. Also, there is no Twitter presence at all.



A feel-good campaign that does not overtly promote the brand, Tupperware's She Can You Can can be easily replicated  and has been executed with minimal effort. The focus of the campaign is centered on Facebook and Youtube which seems to be working for Tupperware.

However, I can't help feeling that the reward for sharing one's story could be something more than mere exposure - perhaps a chance to appear on television or may be even an opportunity to win some seed-funding for one's startup.

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