Social Media Campaign Review: Xylys The Story of DesignOOS

About the Brand 

Launched  in 2006 by the Tata Group, Xylys was positioned as a premium watch brand to break the monopoly of European brands. The range begins from Rs. 9000 and goes on till Rs. 25000.

Actor Rahul Bose, international supermodel Saira Mohan and tennis star Carlos Moya were the initial brand ambassadors of Xylys but the campaign we are talking about is centered on its current brand ambassador – the suave Farhan Akhtar.


The objective of the campaign is clear – to provide fans an incentive to watch Xylys’ latest TVC. Thus learn about the brand and its message and its brand new ambassador.

I must  say the brand ambassador is an excellent choice given that Akhtar’s understated elegance goes perfectly with Xylys watches. Participants stand to win a Xylys watch autographed by Farhan Akhtar.


xylys the story of design

The execution is simple, stylish and effective. Fans can access the app on Xylys’ Facebook page, which has been designed in sophisticated colours of steel and grey and blend perfectly with the advertisement.

The contest involves watching the Xylys commercial closely and then playing a game where you have to arrange different images of the advertisement in the right order in the minimum possible time.

Once that challenge is completed, you are asked to answer why design matters to you, bringing you back to the point that Xylys watches are all about perfect designs with attention to detail.


xylys facebook app

The campaign is simple in nature and that makes it really effective. It is the perfect way to launch Farhan Akhtar as the brand ambassador and the advertisement itself is so stylishly shot that it is a pleasure to watch.The campaign wouldn’t work for a lesser advertisement.

The game is fun to play and the slogan-based question adds that dash of creativity that makes it a fair contest. The watch segment in India has a few clearly defined leading players and this campaign is a worthy effort from Xylys to establish itself as one of them.

Scope for Improvement


As is often the case, this campaign too misses the elements of interactivity and engagement and the benefits of being conducted on multiple platforms.

The contest can be played on Xylys’ website as well which is a good touch but the campaign should be teased on Twitter and other social media platforms as well. The design element could be taken further by asking fans to perhaps design their dream watch.

A better connect could be made between their new brand ambassador and the brand by involving Akhtar in the contest questions. Nevertheless, this campaign is quite the winner but I do wish they would add  provisions for commenting.