Top Indian Brands on Twitter and Their Fake Followers

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Ever since the folks at StatusPeople came up with this new tool of theirs which reported that more than 70% of Barack Obama’s 19 million followers are fake, the Twitter world is abuzz and everyone is busy analyzing who has the most fake followers.

So I sat down and decided to analyze some of the biggest Indian brands on Twitter from different niches, and I must say it threw up some results that were quite unexpected.

@Flipkart – 28,258 Followers

Flipkart Faker Scores

@TataDocomo – 49,352 Followers

@KingfisherWorld – 23,162 Followers

@ICICIBank_Care – 5982 Followers

@IntelIndia – 4946 Followers

@PMOIndia – 197,098 Followers

@IPL – 346,614 Followers

@NDTV -584,561 Followers

Social Media Content Calendar 2019

@MTVIndia – 587,201 Followers

@ClubMahindra – 22,345 Followers

However, I want to make it clear here that the tool itself doesn’t claim to be 100% accurate. Hence, the data presented above is just for indicative purposes.

Featured image: Cyclone’s Sketchblog


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