Volkswagen India Twitter Goofup

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Volkswagen India Twitter Goofup

Couple of days back we noticed a sudden outrage on twitter against @VolkswagenIndia. It started off with their uber-cool advertising stint in the local newspapers which ''vibrated''.



And then it quickly moved on to twitter as people started mocking their campaign. Volkswagen India surprised people with their response -

@VolkswagenIndia: “Women would be dumb to call it a vibrator. Or maybe they do not understand real driving experience. #PunIntended #Volkswagen #Creative” 


And then, the agency/brand came up with the brilliant never-been-done-before idea of deleting the tweet. Too late folks!

And this isn't the first time a brand has stated the same reason. Fortis Healthcare’s Twitter Campaign #AgarMaKaDudhPiaHaiTo went wrong recently for the hastag they used and later tweeted that their  "account was compromised"

And today, Volkswagen India did the same!

We wonder if the brand/agency will ever stand up and take charge of the mistake they made and not come up with such absurd reasons! Also, if the brand would have said a simple "sorry" and be apologetic, it might have worked for them.

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