Lately we have been reading about what not to do as a social media manager or mistakes that can ruin your social media marketing campaign. But do you know what the habits of successful Social media managers are?

Beyond the hype, social media management can be quite a tricky thing.

Its success is backed by years of experience, knowledge in the field and much more. We bring to you some of the traits of successful social media managers from around the world.

Brushing up on these points will not only help professionals but also businessmen who like to handle their campaigns.

1. Controlled Proactivity

Being highly proactive is the prerequisite for almost every type of marketing. Managers have to keep an eye on the trends and latest tools in the business and test their efficiency. However when it comes to social media marketing, a bit of control is desirable.

You cannot just implement a new app or idea with a leap of faith. Social media witnesses many new things every day, some of them fade out but some make their mark.

Social Media Proactive

Lesson: A successful social media manager analyzes what’s working but doesn’t jump into it straight away. 

2. Gratefulness

No matter how big or how small a social marketing campaign is, one should also be grateful to people for their support.

If people are willing to take time out, interact, give feedback and try your products and services, it is essential to thank them. Also one should find out new ways ofcelebrating and expressing gratitude for a special milestone on social media.


Lesson: A successful social media manager adds value to interaction and page by thanking visitors/fans/followers. 

3. Preparedness

Having the right kind of goals and plans to implement is of paramount importance. Of course the targets will drop or rise but it is important to have something on paper to work with.

‘I want 500 likes on my page’ is a very shallow goal. I want to create a community of similar tastes and interestsis a better plan and it would often beat the number game. Viral traffic is of no use in the long run, you got to hit the quality deck first.


Lesson: A successful social media manager is always prepared with his plans and actions.

4. Curiousness

Do you know the ABC of social media marketing? Always Be Curious with what’s happening around. Try to learn what competitors are doing, what can engage visitors, what hasn’t worked yet, why this week was dull on the page and so on.

Keep a special curious ear to listen to the customer. Active listening skills are often discussed in conferences but are usually the last thing on the list. With so much shouting on social networks, managers really need a team to sift through it and listen to meaningful conversations.


Lesson:  A successful social media manager is curious about almost everything happening around.

5. Beyond 9-5 Willingness

Social media marketing is not bound by your willingness to work on a certain time. Various tools would show you that there are specific times for a page to hit the right buttons but when it comes to interacting and addressing queries, there is no time limit.

You should be readily available at least till the time your goals are met. Attaching your name to a page or brand is not an easy task and it goes beyond the normal office timings, not to mention the weekend availability.

 9 to 5

Lesson: A successful social media manager is willing to dedicate more time than the usual work hours. 

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