Social Media Agency Feature: Digivaasi

Who are we?

We are Digivaasi, a digital creative agency based in Delhi. We started out 3 years ago with 5 people in a small, windowless garage.

Now, we have a shiny new office in Shahpur Jat, and about 20 people in our team. So, yes, it’s been a thrilling journey.

Digivaasi office

What’s in the name?

Digivaasi literally means digital residents or natives. Most of us have spent our careers working in digital, and we love discovering its wonders every day.

Digital is a way of life for us. We feel a paralyzing panic whenever the internet goes down for a few minutes. Some might not like this ‘Brave New World’, but that’s how it is, and we thought the name ‘Digivaasi’ was unique and captured it well.

What we do?

We’re a creative-led digital agency. We offer our clients a complete partnership – from strategy to ideas to production to evaluation.

Our strength lies in our creative team which makes up 2/3rd of our team. So ideas or execution, we do it all in house for the best quality.

We try not to break up the services into silos like ‘apps’ or ‘social media’. We do whatever it takes to connect brands with consumers online, in the most effective ways possible. Sometimes it may be a social campaign, sometimes it could just be a video on YouTube.

Why we do it?

For many of us, it was a happy accident. We entered the industry when it was still in a nascent stage (there was no Facebook, even).

But the joy of discovering new things on this medium soon evolved into a strong passion, and it has kept us hooked. What we like the best is that the constantly changing medium keeps us on our toes, and makes every day at the office a new challenge.

How we evolve?

We go with the flow. The best way is to learn all about how people use the medium, and then try to do something worthwhile to catch their attention and reward their time spent with a brand.

We keep up with all the new technologies and platforms that keep evolving, but we also try and remember that these things come and go; what stays the same is human nature.

 Social responsibility in social media 

Many brands still find it hard to accept that they can’t control how people talk online. Social media is, above all, a platform for self-expression.

If a brand is to get involved, the best way to go about it is to be honest with your audience and respect their intelligence and opinions. It’s the only way to built trust, whether in real-life interactions or social media.

Need of the hour

There is still a lot of fluff surrounding social media, and many people try to confuse clients with hyperbole. Social media is not the answer to everything. It is an excellent communications medium, but not a great advertising medium for everyone.

Sometimes, a brand may not even need to be on Facebook. (For instance, the world’s most successful brand isn’t.) We think it’s time that social and digital agencies start being honest with clients and help them actually understand what value they get.

That way, you can build a relationship with a client and deliver true results, rather than making a fast buck.

 We learned the hard way

That you should always work for clients that respect your efforts. After all, we spend most of our waking hours trying to solve their problems.

We once had an unhappy break-up with a client after a difficult relationship where our work was not being respected, and we learned that it’s better to let go in such cases and rather build relationships with people who realize you’re on the same side.

Did we just share that?

When a major client got in touch with us to do their social media, they said they already had a Facebook page.

We decided to take a look, and what do we find? They had blocked anyone from posting a comment, and every post ended with a copyright statement warning people not to steal their updates!

Fortunately, they were the exception as clients go. Many marketers today are well aware of the possibilities of the digital medium.

They work with us

We have worked for dozens of clients over the years, but the most notable have been PepsiCo, Aircel, MakeMyTrip, Perfetti Van Melle, and Topper Learning.

Industry as we foresee

We don’t like to speculate, but we do believe that the industry can only grow. As more people come online, esp. on mobile devices too, there will be unforeseen opportunities for brands to connect with them, and that’s what we find exciting.

Mobile is something everyone believes to be the future. The future of advanced communication? Yes. But the future of advertising? That’s yet to be seen. But we’ll continue to keep up with the evolving medium and try to make the most of it.

A day without Internet

Unimaginable! It would be like a day without sunshine. The nostalgic ones among us might like it at first, but soon they’ll be dying to tweet about how great and liberating it is.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we’re always looking for passionate digivaasis! Drop us a line at [email protected]