Campaign Review: Pepsi’s MBA contest for ICC World T20


Pepsi’s MBA CAT “a test of your Tameez as a cricket audience” is on the go. The objective of this mock quiz is to  engage Pepsi’s fans, encourage them to watch its latest TVC and reward fans for their loyalty.

Winners stand to win a trip to Sri Lanka to watch the ICC World T20 live  from the Pepsi Dugout.


You have to ‘like’ the page to be able to use this Facebook app. The goal is to answer the five questions correctly in the quickest time possible.

Questions are tongue-in-cheek, often downright humorous and related to Pepsi’s latest TVC featuring Ranbir Kapoor and MS Dhoni. Fans can attack the quiz any number of times which means eventually, you’re going to get all of them right and pretty quickly too!


The regulations make it plain that answering the questions would be smooth sailing if you have been following Pepsi’s Facebook page, thus encouraging fans to follow the brand as well.

The app takes Pepsi’s winning partnership with the T20 cricket tournament ahead. The app is funny, tongue-in-cheek and the questions reflect the ‘cool’ feel of the Pepsi brand. Nicely executed, simple in design and fun to use – this app is certainly a winner.

Scope for Improvement

This is a really simple concept and the quiz format could easily be swapped for something more interactive like a game. It doesn’t have to be complicated – just something involving cricket and Pepsi would work.

At the very least, the quiz itself could be made more interactive with levels and animations. The fastest time on the leaderboard is already 6 seconds – what can you aim for beyond that?

Finally, the campaign could be bigger than just a Facebook app. Adding more elements and enlarging the size of the contest would give Pepsi enough juice to turn it into a website, a Twitter account and a full-fledged campaign with updates, photos and all that pizzazz.