Social Media Mistakes a Brand Should Avoid

Social Media Blunders

Different branding and marketing managers have their unique views and opinions on how a social media marketing strategy should be implemented and executed.

However the views on successful marketing may differ but everyone agrees on what can mess up your marketing campaign on social networks. These mistakes can not only make your marketing plan backfire but can cause irreparable damage, let alone the cost issues.

If you also want a successful marketing campaign then make sure you avoid these social media mistakes.

Social Media Blunders

Use of Personal Account

Like everything else, your business and personal networking should also be different. Although social media marketing requires you to be personally active, it is never good to mix your personal and professional accounts.

One small mistake and you might end posting something like this:

stubhub offensive tweet


Corporate Tone

Social media allows you to connect with your consumers on a somewhat personal level. However after long years of corporate life, people tend to use a business-friendly tone of conversation on phones and in emails.

Understand that social media is a different place, people come here as a part of community and prefer a less formal way of conversation.

Too Much of It

Talk to me

Too much of anything is not good at all. You can intrude into the personal space of existing and potential customers by updating the page several times a day.

In fact, successful brand managers believe that a couple of updates a day are the best way to go with social networking. Moreover if you are using automation tool, be extra careful.

Sales Pitch

People on virtual social platforms are way smarter than assumed. They know what’s good for them so it’s never good to look traffic and sales hungry. This way you would lose fans and followers every day.

It would be better if you can tell why a certain product is useful for them or create binding links in attractive content.

Multiple Channels

Owning multiple social media channels can be an good idea only if you have the right resources to manage them. Don’t spread yourself thin across various platforms with half baked efforts.

For small to medium size businesses, it is advisable to create profiles in just one to two platforms.

Excessive Dependence

Social media should never be considered as a standalone campaign. It is only a part of your bigger marketing plan and cannot survive alone. You still need to try other marketing avenues for an effective outreach.

Pumping in a lot of cash

pumping in cash

Like any other business activity, social media marketing budget should also be planned. You should keep a tab on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) time and again to ensure that it is contributing to the business and is not a dead investment.

No Control

Social Media Control

Your social media campaign would not always perform as expected. At times, the performance would drop dramatically and this is the time when you need to review what’s happening around.

Many businesses don’t care how their page is doing and they end up losing people every day. Take control of your page and see what’s keeping people interested.

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