Social Wavelength to Represent Radian6 in India

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Social Wavelength to Represent Radian6 in India

One can't deny the fact that social media has made brands more consumer-focused than they were previously. With people sharing opinions and views out in public, it has become imperative that brands are ears to what people are talking about.

Brands have to be on the watch and figure out what kind of conversations are going on about them, their competitors, about their products and services, lead generation, CRM etc. All these things should be a part of their listening program.

And when one talks about listening on social media, one can't leave out the name Radian6. Probably the most famous social media monitoring tool out there, Radian6 has partnered with Social Wavelength to represent it in India.

As a channel partner, Radian6 will forward the leads generated from India to Social Wavelength. Talking about this association, Mr. Sanjay Mehta, co-founder Social Wavelength says:

Radian6 has been selling in India through their online portal. But for penetrating the Indian market, there is the demand to service the marketing leads and then there's the whole process of demos and following up. Also, more than buying the license, the brand is concerned about who will work with the tool.  So in these cases whenever someone went to Radian6, they were unable to help because they are not into the servicing space.

At Social Wavelength, we have been using Radian6 for our clients since long. This association opens up a lot of possibilities for us too. Beyond the basic listening solution that Radian6 provides, it has also has several high-end offerings. Through this association we can gain insights about these offerings and pitch them to our high-end clients.

But as a brand, you must be wondering why do you need to pay for a tool like Radian6 when there are countless other free tools out there?

Well, the biggest drawback with free tools is that they have a limited reach. While industry standard tools such as Radian6 provide much deeper conversations.

If you're doing a dipstick measurement, a free tool is enough. But if you are for ORM and CRM, you have to work with a tool which penetrates deeper into social media platforms.

We have run parallel tests using the same sets of keywords and phrases. And we have found differences in terms of the volume of the data being fetched. And found that industry standard tools fetch 4-5 times the number of results when compared to free tools.

But the biggest hiccup for Radian6 in the Indian market is the price point. The starting package costs $600 (INR 30,000) which might not be feasible for startups and SMBs. So for now, it will mostly be adopted by larger brands and enterprises. However, Mr. Mehta concludes by saying:

But if your startup/SMB is in a field which involves a lot of conversation and monitoring them is essential, then you have to invest in a robust tool which adds value to your business.

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