10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions You Must Have

Just admit it, you like Google Chrome too. For me, it’s the fastest, easiest and most productive browser available. One of the reasons that Google Chrome is the first choice for millions of people (including me) is the Web Store, a unique feature which offers the best browsing experience possible to its users.

The Google Chrome Web Store allows users to download various ‘extensions’ which provide a variety of services.  Although various other browsers also provide extension options, none of them come close to beating the extensions of Google Chrome.

It’s like an App store, where you can download different applications to make your Smart phone more productive. In this case, the extensions make your browser more efficient. There are thousands of apps in Google Chrome which can make your life easier.

These chrome extensions are a must have for any social media enthusiast. While some make your social media work easier, others can enhance your productivity.

Here is my list of top 10 extensions that a Google Chrome user must have.

1. Black Menu

Accessing Google products was never this easy. This extension’s like the ‘Start Button’ on Windows OS for your browser, and displays an extensive menu of Google’s range of services.

With this application, you don’t have to type in complete URLs such as translate.google.com or youtube.com. Instead, you can just open the Black Menu and you are sorted. This has quickly become my most-used extension.

2. Shareaholic

There are many Share buttons and counters for Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, but I still find Shareaholic practical. All you need to do is select the sites from which you want to share your content. Additionally, at times web pages don’t provide a ‘Share’ button that will enable you to quickly and easily share the article or page on a social network. The Shareaholic extension gives you the ability to do so with any web page.

3. AdBlock and AdBlock Plus

If you’re one of those rare people who like the display of ads on your pages, then this extension is not for you. Both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are two of the most popular Google Chrome extensions. They simply block the display of ads on your page, making your web browsing session fun, faster and less irritating.

4. BlogLovin

For all those who use Google’s iGoogle Service (iGoogle is a personalized web page that you create), BlogLovin is an application that you’ll love. Google is shutting down its iGoogle service, next year, but BlogLovin will help ease the pain of this loss.

The BlogLovin extension enables you to follow, categorize, and read your favorite blogs directly from any web page. It provides a Google Reader-style experience within the Chrome framework,  making following your favorite blogs easy.

5. Speed Dial

Here’s an extension that gives you the ability to replace your Chrome ‘new’ tab with predefined bookmarks, therefore enabling you to open your favorite and most visited websites easily as new tabs.

The extension also remembers your favorite sites. While this feature is already available in Google as the Bookmark option, the Google Chrome extension has a better presentation style.

6. Viral Heat Social Sentiment

This extension is a good app for a social media enthusiast. It adds a basic analytic bar to any social network site you visit, which measures the social sentiment of the page accurately. This extension is especially handy when analyzing Facebook brand pages.

7. Instagram for Chrome

This application is useful for Instagram users, as it allows you to keep an eye on your Instagram feed from your desktop. It’s convenient –  I don’t have to look into my phone each time I’m surfing or working and wish to see Instagram.

8. Screen Capture

Screen Capture is better than the Snapping Tool or Print Screen options. This extension performs the same process, but with less hassle. There are alternatives to this application that you can choose from.

9. Any.Do

Personally, I believe that Any.Do is the web’s most complete task-management tool, with seamless mobile integration. Although there are other applications that are similar to Any.Do, it is still the best extension to organize and manage your tasks efficiently. If you don’t believe me, give it a shot and see for yourself.

10.  AppFinder 

The AppFinder helps you discover and manage applications based directly on your search criteria.  It is similar to the Invisible Hand extension which generates the lowest prices for cars, hotels and flights when you research travel topics online. The AppFinder helps to save time by providing you with the best options available.
Bonus App suggestion:

11. Games

It would be unfair for me to suggest any particular game on Google Chrome, because I think all the games are awesome. Google Chrome’s range of games can provide you with endless entertainment.

Let us know which Google Apps you think are the best.