6 Essential Tips Before You Start with LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a B2B social network with more than 150 million members in over 200 countries, and has more than 1 million groups formed by them. It can be an extremely important and effective advertising opportunity when used correctly.

LinkedIn leans towards the more expensive side when it comes to cost per click as compared to other social advertising platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But still LinkedIn ads are a very cost effective means for advertising as it lets marketers target ads to users by important B2B demographics such as job title or industry, geography, company, group, gender and age.

Here are the steps to get you the most value from LinkedIn advertising:

1. Target the right audience:

For any successful advertising campaign, it is necessary to select the right target audience. And LinkedIn for sure understands it. LinkedIn allows you to target the more specific sections of the target audience by geography, company, job title, group, gender and age. Identify your audience and target accordingly.

Target Audience LinkedIn ad

2. Target LinkedIn groups:

Target appropriate LinkedIn groups. Search for the groups based on your target industry. Proper research is must before deciding the groups as sometimes group names may be misleading or too generic.

3. Start Small:

It is recommended to start small with two ad variations to see which one is more effective. Once you have found a successful campaign, you can run it on a large scale with more investment.

4. Create short and crisp content:

Content in an ad is another important factor which decides the success of the campaign. You have limited characters to put forth your message. And most importantly, the message should be very easy to understand.

More than anything else it should have an effective and relevant Call to Action. Call to Action refers to what do you want your audience to do after they see your ad. Make it clear in your Call to Action where a click on that ad will lead visitors to.

5. Ad Image:

An image is the prime element that hooks the attention to the ads. LinkedIn allows to insert an image of 50 X 50 measurement. Do not use big pictures as it may look very unclear if squeezed.

6. Collect and Analyse the Data:

The most important thing is to collect and analyse the data , then only you can know if your campaign was successful. When it comes to determining your ad’s success, LinkedIn provides only analytics for the number of clicks your ad received during a specified time period.

LinkedIn helps you to figure out how many clicks you are receiving with specific ad variations, but doesn’t help you determine who is clicking on your ad. You can use other tools like Jumplead that can also let you see what companies have come to your website from LinkedIn – by name.

Featured Image By: LinkedIn