A Report on the Social, Mobile and Digital Scenario in India

With the surge in the adoption of broadband internet and the increased online penetration powered by mobile phones, more and more Indians are going social these days.

In a report released by Singapore-based WeAreSocial, India has the 3rd largest online user base following US and China. And this huge online user base is primarily into social networking.

Interesting Insights about the Indian Social Media Industry

  1. 67% Urban Indian internet users get online for social networking
  2. 73% of India’s netizens watch online videos
  3. Google and Facebook account for 67% of total online ad spend in India.
  4. Social networking is primary driver of online activity in India
  5. 60.5 million – social networking users in India. That’s equal to the entire population of Italy.
  6. However, the social media penetration is just 5%
  7. 52% – growth rate of social media users in India this year.
  8. 1 in 4 online minutes is spent on social networking
  9. 44% of Indian netizens used Facebook last month.

For more such mind-boggling stats, please have a look the following slideshow: