Facebook Redesigns ‘Friendship Pages’ in the Timeline Format

Facebook today unveiled a redesign of “friendship pages” that enables you to see how you and your friends or family members are connected to each other. Before today, a simple version of this Friendship page was first debuted in October 2010, but wasn’t in the Timeline format

You can check out your Friendship Page with someone by going to their profile, clicking the gear icon on the right, and selecting ‘See Friendship’.


Friendship page includes timeline posts you’ve exchanged, mutual friends, photos you’re tagged in, and your mutual likes. Facebook even chooses a mutually tagged photo for your cover image.In addition to this, friendship pages now feature all stories between friends, including life events, check-ins and Open Graph app activity. Previously, the pages showed wall posts and updates where both of you were tagged, but not stories about users being at the same place.

It’s even better if you are “in a relationship” with a special someone. Facebook has launched the facebook.com/us quick link for couples to see their Friendship Pages. If you are not ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook with anyone, you’ll be redirected to your own profile.

Facebook Friendship page couple

Facebook says that what you will see depends on your friend’s privacy settings. Once you’ve viewed a Friendship page, you have the option of sharing it with others on your Timeline. In addition to all the things you have in common with your friend, you could also browse through how other friends knew that person.

The redesign and couples pages are rolling out gradually starting today, so you might still see the old design for a while.

Image Courtesy: FacebookMoneyBlogNewz suomikasinot