How can Students Brand Themselves on Social Media

social media for students

Whenever we think about social media users and the first thing that pops in our minds are college goers flashing smart-phones. While one of the biggest Social Networking site was exclusively build for students.

Today social media use is highly associated with student’s  because they grew up in a connected world. For students sharing information and their lives over the Internet is a familiar daily activity. Right from the time they wake up till they go to sleep, they are constantly updating their status messages on social media or conversing with their network.

However, just because students are addicted to social media, doesn’t mean they all know how to take full advantage of the opportunities these platforms can offer.

Students can use social media to enhance their presence and network. Social Networking gives Students a tremendous platform to realize their potential in many different ways and explore new opportunities. It becomes necessary that students, who wish to use social media for their own good, should do it the right way and not just in any way.

Here are points that can help you understand how a student can brand themselves online in much better way than doing it already:

Build online presence

I am sure there is nothing new in telling that students should keep their latest profile on different social networking sites so that they can have a better visibility (they would anyways do that at regular intervals).

The profiles also allows users to see your ‘Likes’ and ‘Interest’. So make sure you have selected relevant area of interest in which you are seeking a career growth. – Eg, Liking relevant page, tweeting about interest group and following people from area of interest, blogging about various subject knowledge, joining relevant LinkedIn group etc.

Such platforms can help students form a basic identity about themselves on internet. Now, they can be Googled.

Imagine you are one of two job candidates with identical degrees and experience – yet you can also point to your 500 industry followers on Twitter, and the 100 blog posts you have written about the subject. Who would you choose?

Connect with the right people

One of the reason anyone joins Social Networking site, is to Connect with people – known and unknown. It is easier to have those influential industry contacts already lined up for when you graduate.

Look for people within the industry you want to be a part of and start to interact with them – ask questions, add comments and share their work on your social media platforms. You should connect with your lecturers and tutors – ask them to recommend you on LinkedIn.

This could be just the proof you need to show potential employers that you have the skills, drive and knowledge they want.

Get on top of your privacy settings 

Most of the people don’t tend to take their privacy settings seriously, apart from basic security. It is important to get the hang of your security settings. More like How do you look to the outside world?

If you want to have a glimpse of it, Go to your Facebook profile, select “Activity Log” in the top-right corner, then beneath your cover photo click “View as” and then select an option.

Got it? Remember, today employers do check candidate’s social media profiles when considering who to employ. So don’t forget to clear the mess from your profile and make it straight.

Participate in Intra-group Communication

It is important to use different groups and channels for communication purposes. Getting creative on social media can make managing a group a whole lot easier. Students can use twitter hashtags to conduct trainings or live tweet meetings and have members follow along.

Quick announcements can be made over YouTube and members can RSVP to meetings and sign-up for events on the online Facebook-integrated calendar.

Stay Cool even on Social Networking sites because that also part of being a Student. Discussing on diversified subjects can make your profile more interesting to be followed and looked up to. So make sure you stay interesting on different Groups and Channels.

Let us know if you have other points that can help create a brand image for the students.

Featured image: Gazzette