How Healthcare Brands are Using YouTube to Market Themselves

Hospital Marketing is a relatively new term in our country but it’s certainly not totally unheard of. In India, hospitals are increasing never before which is a very good thing considering the population and scarcity of healthcare resources here.

Of late, organization restructuring and efficient management recruitment has helped hospitals to think of promoting their services. Healthcare is certainly a noble profession but today hospitals too need to embrace technology and the power of internet.

Although there are a dozen channels to promote products and services, a well-balanced integration usually strikes the deal. Notably, YouTube is one of the most frequently talked about platform when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Do you think that it’s just a video sharing website? Think again, today Google’s baby has grown leaps and bound to create its own social network. So where do our hospitals stand and how are they doing on YouTube? Let’s try and find out.

Community Building

One of the most basic question is that why do you need online or specifically YouTube marketing for hospitals? The answer is quite simple, like any other service industry healthcare is all about costumer orientation.

The recent channels and subscription features on YouTube allows viewer to become a part of a community i.e. connect and get all the updates from their hospital. It allows them to keep a tab on latest technologies and offerings of the hospital. Apollo Hospitals is does it beautifully.

The YouTube channel of this hospital is directly linked to the main website and it offers all the videos uploaded by the website. Currently the total video view count stands at 115, 623.

Patient Testimonies

The rule of thumb in marketing is that there can nothing be better than the word of mouth. After all what can be better than getting testimonies of your satisfied customer? It allows current and potential customers to know why they should choose your hospital and what have you done in the past. And for this segment, there can be no better example than the YouTube channel of The Wockhardt Hospital.

Although their campaign is relatively fresh compared to other giants, they have included Patient Testimonies that features many videos on what patients have to say about the hospital. From weight loss to cancer testimonies you’ll find it all here.

Viewer Interest

Owning a YouTube channel by hospital’s name is only half the task. There should be constant viewer involvement and the social media manager should take care that videos are updated frequently. These videos certainly have to be related with healthcare but something that visitors find unique.

The Media section of Max Healthcare India YouTube channel is a perfect example here. This hospital has utilized the online channel space beautifully. Under the media section, you’ll find stuff related to weight loss, travel tips, Botox queries and so on to keep visitors coming for more. Notably the channel has registered over 80, 000 views till date.

Reputation Management

The top hospitals in our country certainly know how to manage their brand and reputation. Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai has create quite some rep on the YouTube platform as it enjoys over 30 subscribers considering that they have only recently joined the website.

They have uploaded many videos but what’s worth noticing is the set of videos that shows the hospital in news. The channel even features a DD News clip telling about the milestone lung and heart surgery. Other videos include the awards from CNBC TV 18 and expert talk with various news channels. This allows viewers to know more about the hospital, their services and more.