How Indian Deodorant Brands are Using Social Media

Gurinder Batra
Nov 07, 2012 04:30 IST
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How Indian Deodorant Brands are Using Social Media

Deodorant companies have become very clever as far as their advertising is concerned today. You may call it the need of the hour or the heat of competition with new entrants in the market.

Deodorant companies understand that their target market segment is young and it spends over 484 average minutes on Facebook which is far more than an average Facebook user.

However their campaign is not just about Facebook, they have good presence on other social media platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and more.

In fact, social media campaigns of Indian deodorant companies are way smarter than other consumer products. Actually they have to be smart given the market diversification and intelligence-emotional quotient of youth in the country.Let us check out the social media campaigns of some of these brands.

Axe Deodorant

Just like its television commercials, the axe effect is high on social networking websites too. This brand enjoys being the highest selling deodorant in Indian market with absolutely no one to challenge it.

May be it is the effect of its catchy advertising, maybe it’s the vast product range or maybe it’s due to their innovative product and packaging ideas. Axe controls many social media profiles globally and for the Indian market too they have a separate page.

You get direct link to their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube campaigns on website. The Axe Angels Club idea is their strength, offering pictures of their beautiful models. They are obviously targeting men between 20 to 35 years of age and undoubtedly they are doing it effectively.



Nivea Deodorant

Nivea is also one of the top selling brands in India with products for both men and women. The Silver Protection and new Whitening Spray are some of their hottest selling products.

Nivea India doesn’t have a separate social media campaign for deodorants, which is quite understandable as they have such a wide range of products that it would be difficult to fuel campaigns for each.

Nivea India runs contests on social platforms and provides regular updates on its deo products targeted at both men and women. The Nivea India Facebook page currently has over 268, 000 likes and they update relevant deodorant content here, it cannot be said about the Twitter account too however as it doesn’t have much content related to deodorant range.


Wild Stone Deodorant

The Wild Stone Deodorant's social media efforts are also effective in the Indian perspective. Basically they operate three major social media campaigns, each at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with regular updates.

The Twitter account has some 600 followers with usual tweet updates and picture uploads. However their social media campaigns lack originality. For instance, their Facebook page is constantly updated with actress and model images with nothing else to say.

Although not all companies can fuel in cash for social media like Axe, that’s something where Wild Stone marketing managers can work on. Nevertheless, their Facebook page has registered over 64, 000 likes till date.


Other Promising Brands

Although social media presence of Indian deodorants is increasing, they still have a lot to work on to catch up to their global counterparts.


Park Avenue for instance has a really good website and YouTube channel but it’s presence on other platforms is zero. However one can’t really complain anything about international giants like Adidas and Nike.

They offer many products and have just the right kind of resources to handle social media advertising. As for other companies, they really have to get their act together as social platform are growing everyday and it’s all about fighting or perishing here.

Featured Image By: Axe

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