Indian Automobile Sector on Social Media – An Infographic

Unmetric, the social benchmarking company, has released the most comprehensive and in-depth review of India’s topmost auto brands and their performance on social media.

While on one hand you have domestic brands such as Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki and Tata motors, on the other hand you have international brands like Audi, BMW and Volkswagen vying for the attention of the online Indian population.

Using what it calls as ‘human computing’ alongwith advanced algorithms, Unmetric has dissected the content strategy of brands. The evaluation of performance of each auto brand is more based on engagement rather than the fan count.

Let’s have  a look at the performance of some of the most prominent brands:

Audi and BMW:

Compared to their small annual sales number, both of them have a huge fan following. Which represents that these brands have a huge aspirational value amongst Indians.

And they are doing a good job at engaging them and occupying their mindspace. While the brands may be expensive for a common middle-class Indian, they still communicate with the page updates. However, they could do better when it comes to communicating with its community members. While Audi takes more than 20 hours to reply to a fan post, BMW doesn’t allow its fans to post on their wall!

But one thing is certain, these brands command serious respect from their followers.

Tata Motors

With a growth of more than 67% on Facebook, Tata Motors is second only to Mahindra in terms of fan count. But hey! We all know that engagement is all that matters and that is where Tata Motors tops all the Indian brands.

Tata Nano replies to 38% of fan posts on its wall, and at 3 hours is the fastest of all auto brands. Customer Service FTW!


While it has just 8% of the total market share, it has managed to become the most followed auto brand in India. Average with engagement and customer service, it remains to be seen if this increase in fan base has any results on the car sales in the coming quarter.

Maruti Suzuki

India’s largest carmaker (and car-seller) Maruti Suzuki has a relatively smaller community when compared to its counterparts. It also seems to be doing average work when it comes to engagement. And the brand which is famous for its service offline, seems to be doing a poor work at it when it comes to social media.

Maruti Suzuki seriously needs to relook its social media strategy.

Other key insights:

  1. Honda, Chevrolet and Toyota need some serious social media boost.
  2. For the small presence Mitsubishi has, it is doing some really kickass work! Especially with engagement.
  3. 84% of all the auto brand fans are males.
  4. 92% of the fans are below 30 while 52% of them are under 21.
  5. Half of the fan population is single and only 4% are married. Rest are either in a relationship or have not specified their status.
  6. New vehicle launches generates maximum engagement
  7. Contests, Questions and Events also evoke a great response from the community.
  8. As usual, self promotion gets the least engagement

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Kudos to the Unmetric team for coming up with such a comprehensive all-round report.