Social Media Campaign Review: Nivea Ah! Deo Contest

Nivea India, the Indian arm of global skin and body-care brand Nivea has a dedicated Facebook page, which of late has been bustling with activity. This is due to the brand holding many interesting contests. For instance, one month-long event, conducted with the aid of an app was the Nivea Ah! Deo Contest.

By the time it ended on the 19th of October, the contest had created quite a buzz,  garnering around 2.5k likes and having induced over 7000 users to create their version of the Deo Track.


The aim of the contest was user engagement and buzz creation, which was achieved after users created tracks that defined their idea of ‘freshness’ and shared it on Facebook to get ‘likes’.

P.S: The tagline for the Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant is GET FRESHED.


The application for the contest looks like a jukebox, allowing contestants to think of themselves as virtual DJs. The challenge is to create a track by choosing and mixing sounds from the various options available, and then making the track ready to be published and shared. Once an individual has created their track, it is shared on YouTube and can be viewed by everyone.

nivea ah! Deo Contest

The 25 tracks that are the most popular, which is determined by the number of ‘likes’ they garner, will be submitted to a jury who will select four tracks. The composers of the final four get to win an iPad! Free deos are also awarded to the composers of the first 4000 videos with 10 views.

Nivea Ah! Deo Contest

The challenge begins with the selection of a Theme for the track from options such as Dance, Electronica, Rock etc. Users can then add various interesting effects including Scratching, Crowing, Gargling, Yawning, Truck Horn, and Snorting to name a few.

Individuals can watch a video which will guide one through the entire process by clicking the “Helllpp” tab.

Nivea Ah! Deo Contest

Once you are ready with the track and are all set to Publish it, you need to submit your details along with a personalized name. After this, the track will be put up on YouTube and then begins your task of making it popular.


The idea of letting users create a personalized track that resonates with their idea of freshness is quite refreshing itself. The video that guides contestants, though not very interesting, is still helpful. The regular promotion of the contest on the brand’s page kept its momentum growing.

An inbuilt automatic appendage at the end of every track ‘GET NIVEA FRESH ACTIVE. GET FRESHED’  creates a brand recall and the positioning of freshness resonates, as the user hears it many times.

However, the success of the contest lies in the way the winners are chosen. The contest requires each participant to share their track with his/her friends and attract ‘likes’, which gives the page and the brand increased online visibility and amplified reach.

Furthermore, if the contestant intends to win free deodorants, they must fill in a form which apart from basic details and email ids, also captures their location, address and contact number, in turn contributing to the building up of a relevant database.

Nivea Ah! Deo Contest

Scope for improvement

The complexity of the contest might have been a deterrent – only 7100 people created tracks over a month long period.

In addition, there were a couple of other contest apps that were simultaneously being held on the same Facebook page, which might have taken the limelight away from the Ah! Deo contest.


In a nutshell, the app was a far cry from being commonplace and uninteresting, and it seems to have made a definite contribution to the number of impressions proliferating on the page.

It was heartening to see a page so alive and FRESH.


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