Social Media Case Study: Rajdhani Restaurant’s World Vegetarian Day Campaign

Brand Name:

Rajdhani – Ek Khandani Parampara

Agency Name:




  • Online promotion of ‘World Vegetarian Day’.
  • An application was designed considering famous Rajdhani Thali dishes & had asked our fans/followers to add their flavour to them. (Timeframe – 3 Days )
  • Twitter contest was conducted to promote the offer at Rajdhani Thali. (Timeframe – 9 hours )
  • Posting strategy was developed in order to promote ‘World Vegetarian day’ & the contest. (Timeframe – 3 days )
  • The offer was listed on food review websites such as,,,, etc.

Positioning Strategy:

  • 3 Posts were used to promote VEGETARIANISM for 3 days before World Vegetarian Day.
  • These posts were Rajdhani Thali’s branded posts.
  • The comments received where in support to the day.


  • Facebook: The contest helped to generate a buzz about World Vegetarian Day.
  • The fans were asking about offers on this day. (1st October, 2012)
  • New followers on Twitter.
  • Good brand exposure on social media covering PR websites.
  • The offerreached out to the audience.
  • A curiosity was observed among the fans of Facebook. The offer was announced 1 day before ‘World Vegetarian Day’.