Two Air India Employees Arrested for Derogatory Facebook Posts

facebook arrest

After the arrest of the 21-year-old girl at Palghar for posting a Facebook update against the bandh, another similar case has surfaced.

The two members of the cabin crew of Air India identified as K V Janannathrao and Mayank Sharma, were arrested on May 11, 2012 for posting posting derogatory remarks on Facebook.

The two had posted remarks against the Prime Minister’s office, National flag, Supreme Court and leaders of opposite employees association on the social networking sites.

This incited a past-midnight  arrest under the controversial 66(A) and 67 sections of the Information Technology Act. The duo spent 12 days in police custody and were suspended by Air India.

Now, despite being released on bail, the duo has been doing the rounds of courts and police station.

Meanwhile, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Kapil Sibal told Headlines Today that amendments might be needed to prevent misuse of the IT act. He, however, did not set any deadline.

We will discuss the issues and then bring about amendment,

Sibal said in reaction to the arrests over Facebook posts.