Why Do Celebrities Need Social Media?

So we hear about celebrities tweeting and launching their Facebook fan pages every other day. It seems to be the trend of the season and the most obvious comment they use is that we want to connect to our fans. Is it true ENTIRELY?

Well as far as the general public and fans are concerned, it is the best thing that can happen. They get to know their celebrity, get to see their personal pictures and see what they are up to.

Although it cannot be completely denied that social media is a great way to connect to the fans, several celebrities use it as their marketing tool which is quite clever. Today, networking is an essential thing for many reasons including boosting the fan following.

However not all of them are able to pull this idea. Here’s a brief on why celebrities need social media.


Not just about companies and corporations, even individuals, especially celebrities use social media for online branding purposes

Using the powerful social media networks, celebrities can reach to a larger public and broadcast themselves. Although we are talking in Indian terms, it would be suitable to take the best example internationally.

David Beckham’s official Facebook page is an epitome of personal branding. He has successfully used it to market his bodywear collection. Notably this international icon is one of the top earners in the game of football without playing for any of the premier league giants.

His individual branding is hugely influenced by the Facebook page.


If you are an influential social media celebrity, it becomes easier to market products as a brand ambassador. Indian celebrities often share links to some products that they think are cool.

Even authors tell you where you can buy their books online and musicians publish the ticket links for their concerts. Celebrities can suggest things that they think their followers would like and fans can get what they want right on the page.

Isn’t it best of both the worlds? Moreover if a celebrity publishes something, it would be retweeted and shared by many thousands of their followers too, creating a chain marketing reaction online.



Social media is also one of the best ways to stay in news. For the lesser known faces, it becomes a shortcut to grab some eyeballs.

This not only fetches some incredible publicity on the virtual network but chances are that they will feature in newspapers and news channels too. And what’s the cost here?

Absolutely nothing!

All they need is a social networking accounts and a powerful marketing plan and careful execution.

Have a Say

Popular celebrities are always under camera’s scanner wherever they go. They get a chance to express what they feel just about anything from political issues to lawsuits. However this isn’t the case with everyone.

Not every celebrity has a reporter outside home for an interviews and that’s where platforms like Twitter and Facebook help them. They can raise their voice and make an attempt to reach people.

Many celebrities involved in social causes see it as the best way to connect with general public and ask for support.

To Conclude…

As Google describes it, internet is certainly what you make out of it. The possibilities are endless as we have just begun to understand its power. Just like companies, social media provides a powerful marketing tool to individuals whether popular or wanting to become one.

With dozens of paid and unpaid advertising options, social media serves the requirements of everyone.