4 Social Media Tips to Maintain Online Reputation

Dhwani Gandhi
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4 Social Media Tips to Maintain Online Reputation

In today's competitive business scenario every company needs to maintain a healthy online reputation given that endless number of people can easily find enough information about your business online with a little help from the preferred search engine.

Going by the latest trend it can easily be ascertained that your popularity/success depends a lot on how you use the social media to your advantage.

Monitoring your reputation online is similar to that of offline, with one major difference: news whether good or bad can spread like a wild fire online. Popular networking programs sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are more and more being used as an effective medium for interaction.

Use these SEO tips to help repair your online reputation effectively:

1. Select the Right Social Media Platforms:

It is most imperative to select appropriate social media platforms. One network is more powerful than other so, it is more imperative to select appropriate social media platforms, for maintaining a successful online reputation. Every platform has its own benefits and uses, so selecting appropriate platform is necessary. For example: LinkedIn can used for B2B purposes.

2. Upraise your social media activities:

Google and other major search engines have a strong preference towards fresh content and they will crawl pages more often if they are regularly updated. This means an active company blog or newsfeed can be a great asset.

So simply creating an account is not enough. Keeping it regularly updated is also very important. Always talking about yourself will also not help. There should be balance between sharing information and driving traffic and creating a lead out of it.

For example: If your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts have optimized profiles, regular updates and links to relevant and useful material, they should all be page one results for your brand searches. If you have other types of content at your disposal, you can add profiles on video-sharing sites like YouTube and photo hosting sites like Flickr to that list.

3. Use Keywords wisely:

As we all know, keywords are an integral part of Search engine optimization, it should be wisely used. Keywords should be specifically used in the Title as well as link URL. Also make it a point to have your keyword in the Twitter handle as well as in the ‘about’ section on Facebook.

4. Use Site Links:

The number of internal pages or site links displayed will depend on the quality and popularity of the pages on your site. This will be the first thing people see when they Google you. To ensure you have your best pages in your site links, you should make sure that you develop relevant landing pages and other content that can rank in its own right and acquire direct traffic.

Being active on social media channels provides a lot scope for turning the wave in your favo, and can be a great way of managing a good online reputation. Have opinions to share or questions to ask? Please mention them in the comments below.

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