7 Tips to Use Facebook to Run a Home Based Bakery Business

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7 Tips to Use Facebook to Run a Home Based Bakery Business

The best part about using social media for business is the freedom and flexibility it offers small business owners to create and build a brand while widening its reach if they desire.

There are many of us who have some skills and use them to create products and services that other people love enough to buy them from us. Baking is just one of those many home based businesses that enable several people to work from home.

This post was inspired by three small bakery businesses that are using Facebook to build and propel their brand on this social media platform. Here’s how they are doing it and you can do it too…

Let Your Pictures Say It All

Food is such a celebration of color and textures that pictures perhaps are the best way to let people know what you offer. A well taken picture of baked goodies never fails to elicit interest and gets people to comment and send in queries almost instantly.

So whether its luscious cupcakes like the ones featured by Decadence Desserts or the Simpsons theme anniversary cake posted by The Green Stove…most times all you need really are pictures to make people sit up and take notice!

Tell Them Where to Find You

Use Facebook to let people know where they can find you just like Decadence Desserts does whenever they participate in a flea market or any form of pop-up. Melanie Andrade, the lady behind the brand works from home and participates in flea markets on and off.

She uses her Facebook page to let people know where they can find her which I think is great as the flea market is just the place to go to if you want to see Melanies creations in person and sample them before you order.

Share Some Health facts

With growing public awareness about healthy food and what to eat to stay healthy and happy without depriving yourself of sweets and savories once in a way, a great thing to do to position your bakery brand is to share some health facts on and off.

Just like The Green Stove has done here with their enlightening post on buying brown bread. Help people get their facts right, educate them and let them know you care about their well being not just selling your stuff. A strategy worth trying I say!

Likes and Prizes: A Link That Never Fails

If you want people to stay interested and engaged in your brand then rewards are a must. Rewarding likes is one thing that never fails. Grow your fan base or get people to rave about your status updates by linking likes with prizes. Offer your goodies as prizes and trust me it’s about building a dual advantage for yourself and your fans.

Let people know what’s in it for them when they like your updates and products. Make it a two-way street please just like The Green Stove did when it rewarded likes 499 to 505 with cupcakes!

Post a Menu

Maya ne Banaya is a quaint bakery business which posts its menu for the week on it Facebook page, people can order online and for an extra charge it will be door delivered alternatively it can be picked up from the bakery.

I loved the simple yet workable solution the lady behind this venture came up with…posting a menu for pre-booking to organize her small business, now that’s ingenuity and good business!

Share Interesting Facts

Two people ordered a cake for the same event from you? Flaunt that fact on Facebook to show how popular your products are in a friend circle. That’s what a cursory visit to The Green Stove’s Facebook page showed me…Rithika Ramesh, the founder of this green vegan bakery showing how popular her products are subtly and overtly all at one go. I call that sensible marketing.

Servicing a New Market Segment

That’s another thing I learnt from The Green Stove, if you are catering to a new market segment and want to make it known then your Facebook page is the place to do it. If you can indulge your sweet tooth then your pet’s birthday could be the best occasion for you to get him or her a baked surprise from The Green Stove.

All in all, if baking is your thing then running a business is just a Facebook page away!

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