LinkedIn Announces New Ads API Program

LinkedIn recently announced a new Ads API program which will make the ad testing processes automated and much more easier to manage.

It will enable marketers to:

  1. Automatically generate dozens of campaigns,
  2. Test hundreds of creative elements across LinkedIn’s B2B targeting facets, and
  3. Reallocate marketing spend across channels including LinkedIn in real time to optimize their marketing goals.

Early partners include Adobe, Bizo, and Unified.

Developers who use the LinkedIn Ads platform will now be able to build their own custom tools and other solutions. Previously, advertisers could only access their campaigns through LinkedIn’s self-serve interface.

The company is offering API support for approved developers, who will gain access to LinkedIn’s online operations and sales team, as well as developer marketing programs and a direct line of communication with the product management team.

API access has been one of the most frequently requested features

wrote LinkedIn’s Jen Weedn in a blog post.

With 187 million members in over 200 countries and close to 3 billion monthly page views, LinkedIn provides an unmatched audience of engaged professionals and affluent consumers. With the launch of an Ads API access, LinkedIn joined a very small club of social companies that allow developers from outside to customize and sell into their paid media products.

Featured Image By: LinkedIn