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KFC Currycature on Facebook


KFC India's new Currycature campaign is an interactive and creative contest, designed to promote their new Curry Crunch Chicken.


Fans can create their caricature of themselves on Facebook with a well designed Facebook Application and get a chance to win an iPhone 4S, a Sony Cyber-Shot Camera and KFC vouchers worth Rs. 2500.

When users open the application, they have to choose a character from several quirky male options, such as Curry Rathod, Curry  Singh, Curry Appa and Curry Dada or alternate female characters designed by KFC.

KFC Currycature on Facebook characters

After choosing a character, you will be asked to upload your picture via computer. You can use your current profile picture or  take a picture with your webcam. Your face will then be represented as the face of the character you picked.

You are then given fashion accessory options  to style your character. These include bindis, nose-rings, earrings, etc. for women and sunglasses, mustaches, turbans, etc. for men.

KFC Currycature on Facebook character

Once you're done with styling your character, submit your entry. The app will then ask you for your name, e-mail address and mobile number. KFC India offers exciting incentives including KFC food coupons worth Rs. 500 to daily winners.

KFC Currycature on Facebook

The campaign ends on 31st January, 2013 and a winner for each day is announced at the end of the week. Prizes include KFC food coupons worth Rs. 500 and a definite shot at winning more fabulous prizes.


The application is well designed and it's execution is smooth. Along with being visually appealing, it is also user friendly. It effectively engages its users by giving them a new experience by which they can create a caricature of themselves.

The app has an ethnic Indian feel and look, with its background, characters and styling options, which in turn effectually promotes KFC's new ethnic Sizzling, Indian Curry Crunch Chicken.

The campaign is heavily promoted on the KFC Facebook Page. The brand regularly posts updates and receives a large number of likes and positive conversations. The app also allows you to invite your friends to take part in the contest, amplifying  its audience reach.

Moreover, there is no limit to the number of times a participant can take part in the contest.

Scope Of Improvement:

Since the campaign is to market KFC's new Indian curry, there could have been more prominent integration of their product. The product is promoted very subtly.  Users might just play and leave and not know about the dish at all.


KFC India's CurryCature is a successful campaign. It is not only receiving a positive response from its fans, but it is also actively promoting their new Curry Crunch Chicken!

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