Social Media Strategy Review : Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day is one of India’s largest chain of coffee shops spread across all the big cities. A relaxed atmosphere coupled with good service, it is one of the most favorite hangout places for youngsters.

Overall Strategy

Their entire social media strategy is focused towards youngsters. Be it their Facebook updates or tweets, they are very focused on whom to communicate to.

Coffee and conversations are the most resonant topics with the ‘CCD Culture’ and they capitalized on it in a very smart way. They are going all out to promote themselves as a place where people should ‘Sit Down’ and discuss topics/issues.

A huge majority of their social media communication is revolving around their ‘Sit Down’ culture.

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Platform-wise Strategy


Content-wise they are focused on promoting Cafe Coffee Day as a place to have conversations. Ably supported by some good photography, they are heavy on image updates to resonate with the vibrance on youngsters.

And I must admire the copywriting abilites of the team which writes their updates too. Very catchy!

With 2 updates every day, they seem to getting quite a good traction from their community. For a brand with more than 3 million people in its community, they boast a healthy 9% fan engagment for a month. We all know how difficult it is to get such traction when you have a reallly huge user base.

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Having generated more than 260k fan interactions in the last 30 days, they are one of the most engaging Indian brands on Facebook. While, a huge chunk of these fan interactions are ‘likes’ but they are also able to pull off a lot many comments as well, which is a difficult ask.

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Also, they manage to get more than 600 wall posts in a month from their fans as well. And a huge majority of them are positive in nature. Very few of them are complaints. And CCD manages to respond to each and every one of them.


Twitter is where I find CCD lacking. Twitter is the place where brilliant copywriters rule but somehow, CCD has not been able to tap into this potential.

A majority of its Twitter conversations are responses to user queries and complaints. Which makes it come off like a Telecom operator.

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And the rest of the updates are promoting their ‘Sit Down’ movement.

Twitter, being a text heavy platform, cannot generate as much engagement as Facebook does. So CCD needs to seriously look at being good with text. Their updates are mostly average.

The average content also reflects in their follower count as well. Almost everyone on Twitter knows that a lot many Twitter users are coffee lovers. But CCD seems to be doing nothing to leverage that. As a result, they have a very small growth rate to show of: just 10 followers per day.


Nothing special to talk about their YouTube strategy. All they have are commercials. I find it surprising that for a nation which generates 2 billion video views in a month, we have not yet tapped into YouTube as a content delivery platform.

CCD, like most brands, is using YouTube as a place to host their commercials so that they can shared on Facebook and Twitter. Disappointing.

The ‘Sit Down’ Campaign

The Sit Down campaign is doing a good job at creating a buzz around the Internet. Thanks to their catchy YouTube video and the nice music, people have taken up to the concept of ‘Sit Down’.

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CCD Facebook Analytics, Facebook Analytics

People are conversing about this campaign on both Facebook and Twitter and the brand is a good job at responding to them pushing the campaign furthermore.

Competitors On Social Media

Be it content, userbase or engagement, CCD is way ahead of all its competitors.

The closest anyone comes to Cafe Coffee Day is Barista Lavazza. But even Barista is far off when you compare their Facebook and Twitter communities.

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And its not helping when Barista Lavazza’s content strategy is bland and uninteresting.

Comments on The Strategy

CCD’s startegy is very much in sync with its offline positioning. A place to have conversations and coffee, they are proejcting themselves in a similar way on social media as well.

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And they know that they are the most favorite place to hangout for youngsters and couples. Which they have smartly integrated in their content strategy as well.

Feedback on The Strategy

All their social media strategy has resulted in generating quite a buzz, especially on Facebook. And with an overwhelming majority of people liking in, their perception is positive as well.

Cafe Coffee Day Sentiment Analysis, Social Media Sentiment Analysis

To conclude, CCD is a smart brand when it comes to Facebook. Now if only they could use Twitter in a better way and revamp their strategy for YouTube.

Analytics support courtesy Simplify360