Indian Government Wakes up to Social Media

Indian Government has had a short affair with social media so far.

A few years before, government did not encourage its employees and departments too be actively present on Social Media so as to maintain the confidential information, it has now woken up after knowing the endless possibilities and the power of Social media on the engagement and penetration front.

The Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry is in the process of formulating a communication strategy based on a more skilful use of the social media to reach out to an increasingly restive urban middle class

The I&B ministry significantly increased its presence on social media compared to what it was before. It also deputed a team of officials to track social media on critical issues. For instance, India-Pakistan: ‘jaw-jaw better than war-war’  in the last one week has been closely observed and a daily report submitted to I&B minister Manish Tewari.

The entire communication paradigm has changed dramatically over the last five years,” says Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari, “and so the government is considering getting onto platforms considered agnostic.

Mr. Tewari says the government needs to embrace the new medium to ensure that the government’s message can reach the people without any “editorial dilution.”

In addition, Congress too will discuss and set the ground for a social media policy of the government at the party’s brainstorming session in Jaipur beginning January 18 , expected to be formulated by the information and broadcasting ministry later.

Motilal Vora, the party treasurer has written to AICC members asking them to provide details of their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, in addition to family particulars, address and contact numbers, to update the party database.

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