Kingfisher – 4th Indian brand with 5 million Facebook Fans

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Kingfisher became the 4th Indian brand to reach the 5 million fan mark on Facebook.  Kingfisher thanked their Fans for their undying support, as fans posted congratulatory comments on the page.

The number of fans on the page has been growing in leaps and bounds year after year, a clear indication of Kingfisher’s popularity on Facebook.

Social Bakers which is considered to be the definitive social media analytics website, rates the Kingfisher fan page as one of the top pages globally with a page score of 68%, based on 30 parameters used to arrive at this score.

In less than a year, the brand has seen an increase of 150 percent in its fan base from 2 million in 2011, to the current 5 million. Kingfisher, one of the first few Indian brands to realize the potential of the digital medium, has been using it to engage and build fan community since 2007.

The Kingfisher fan page flaunts of updates ranging from posts on scheduled events to users’ contributions that includes funny graffiti, videos and pictures. To make its campaign meaningful and engaging, a slew of online apps and games on Facebook as well as special iPad and Android applications were introduced this year.

Typically, interesting digital contests like ‘Kingfisher Jackpot’ and the ‘Good Times Slot Machine’ – interactive Facebook applications during IPL has become a hit with users. Kingfisher also brought to life an age old game called ‘Book Cricket’ in an online avatar.

This is a very important milestone as it is a testament to all the consumer oriented engagements that Kingfisher undertakes in the digital world.

says Samar Singh Sheikhawat, Senior Vice President, United Breweries Ltd,

Kingfisher’s unique social media initiatives which meaningfully engage consumers/users, has garnered a lot of attention and conversations. There is more to come, especially as we believe in ensuring that Kingfisher continues to spread the Good Times both online and offline.

About Kingfisher Digital initiatives:

Initiating, fuelling, sustaining conversations and getting meaningful interactions remains to be the key challenge any brand faces on social media. Kingfisher is perceived as the benchmark in this space with consistently high levels of interactivity. As a result, currently the brand’s Facebook page flaunts more than 5 million fans, making it one of the top brands on Facebook in India.

On the other hand on Twitter, Kingfisher has a fair presence with about 22,000 followers. Though Twitter is a fairly new channel, Kingfisher is perceived as a thought leader here and as a brand that listens to consumers, not just talk. T

his is reinforced by even some of the top global blogs on social media mentioning Kingfisher’s Facebook & Twitter presence individually as amongst the best uses of social media in India by brands.