LinkedIn crosses 200 million members

Erica Taylor
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LinkedIn crosses 200 million members

LinkedIn, the world’s foremost professional networking site, crossed the 200,000,000 member mark today.

The site, founded on the universal concept of economic opportunity through social connections, has seen unimaginable success in the nearly ten years since its inception. As of 9 January, 2013, India was ranked second globally in terms of users of the site, with 180 lakh users; the US, also the flagship market, topped the list with 740 lakh LinkedIn members.

The site boasts an impressive range of users from different fields of industry, with Information Technology and Services topping the list at 40 lakh members, followed by Financial Services (23 lakh), Higher Education (19.5 lakh), Computer Software (16.5 lakh) and Telecommunications (15.9 lakh).

In recent months, LinkedIn has attempted to better utilize its greatest resources – namely, its members – through user surveys. In one recent example of market research through UGC, users were surveyed on their satisfaction with and critiques of their own companies, as well as other companies in their field and region about which they felt knowledgeable.

The 200,000,000 member milestone can be attributed in large part to LinkedIn’s constantly staying abreast of technological developments, and catering to those forms of technology that are most relevant in individual regions worldwide. India ranks number four worldwide in countries seeing growth in use of the LinkedIn mobile application, after China, Brazil and Portugal. The site is available in nineteen languages and used in more than 200 countries and territories.

Deepak Chopra is the third most followed user of the site, following British business magnate Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group, and US President Barack Obama.


Image Courtesy: Adriano Gasparri