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Social Media Agency Feature: WATConsult

Who are we?

A 6 year old digital and social media agency with deep expertise, WATConsult was one of the pioneers of the space way back in January 2007 when social media as a term was not even as hot as it is today.

Over the last 6 years we have worked with over 100 brands and currently continue to work with 60+ large brands on their social and digital media engagements. We are a 85 people team headquartered in Mumbai with a branch office in Noida.

Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WATConsult Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WATConsult

What's in the name?

WAT stands for Web, Advertising and Technology as we felt the amalgamation of these three is necessary for the future of advertising. Web brings reach and democratizes Advertising.

Advertising brings creativity in thought and visuals and Technology brings innovation. The Consult part of our name suggests that we aren't just a team of executors but thinkers who provide solutions and answers and don't just 'act' on your brief.

Eventually WATConsult will transform into a complete digital brand solutions outfit as the industry grows and various digital services start to merge to provide clients solutions and not services.

What we do?

  • End to end social media services i.e. monitoring, management, marketing, reputation management, app development and influencer engagements
  • Web development, e-commerce development and mobile app development
  • We have also build a robust media buying and planning team that delivers value across branding based digital campaigns

Why we do it?

Initially the reason to enter the industry was to create awareness about social media as there was too much fluff and very little substance then. Today our reason to exist is grow is a single agenda - path breaking and intelligent digital work.

How we evolve?

We evolve each day as we have our own media channel called which tracks the digital space and its happenings in-depth. Besides for this twice each year we conduct events like DigitalCMO and WATSummit as well as our own version of Digital oscars called WATAwards which help us stay abreast with industry happenings and events.

Social responsibility in social media

As an agency we trust our people to do what's in the best interest of the company and themselves and the world at large. As a team we have a great thinking team that builds on each aspect of social media.

Need of the hour

Need of the hour is honest work. A lot of times we oversell numbers and undersell creative ideas. I think the reverse is necessary.

We learned the hard way

Initially in 2007 there weren't many direct clients looking to bet their monies on social media so we ended up taking outsourced work for mainline media agencies and digital agencies. I think we learnt the hard way that nothing gives value, satisfaction and learning like working directly with the client. Since 2008 we started working only with direct clients.

Did we just share that?

Once a client told us to do a homepage takeover banner on Facebook. Another one wanted to change the color of the font on Facebook  We've had some clients come us to me and ask us if I could delete someone else's twitter account because they were bad mouthing the brand.

They work with us

Our Clients include large groups like Reliance, Tata's, Godrej, Bestseller as well as well known grobal brands like Ford, Nikon, SAP, Sony and others.

Industry as we foresee

I think social media along with mobile media will continue to grow rapidly within digital and you will definitely see a need for people who can put together the different services in digital into a packaged solution rather than offering a piece meal approach of 'we do SEM' or 'we do SMO'

A day without Internet

A day without internet in our office would be noise pollution. Even if the internet goes for a minute you can see the chatter go on big time!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes we are.. You can check our job postings below:

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