Social Media Strategy Review: LG India

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Social Media Strategy Review: LG India

This review is a part of our ‘Social Media Strategy Review’ series where we do a 360 degree analysis of a brand’s entire social media activity. You can read the reviews of more brands here.


LG India is the Indian arm of the South Korea based electronic giant. It produces consumer electronic goods such mobile devices, Television and home appliances.

Overall Strategy

LG India is leaving no stone unturned to market its products via social media. And presently, the core focus seems to be on its range of World Record (WR) products.

With sizeable presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a Bulleting Board Forum (!!!), they are going all out with their social media activities.

LG India Word Cloud

But is it enough? Read on to know more.

Platform-wise Strategy


Disappointing. Disappointing. Disappointing.

A 1.3 million huge community on Facebook is bombarded with self-promotional content. Thus resulting into a very low engagement rate.

LG India Engagement

average response

Also the updates are infrequent with no regularity. Moreover, the page doesn't allow users to comment on the wall. This has resulted in people sharing their complaints in the comments section of their updates.

The page also has a fictional character named 'LG WR Sherlock' who interacts with users on updates that are about its WR products. While it is innovative, I doubt if it is legit considering that Facebook is dead against fake profiles.

LG India Sherlock

There are also several interesting custom tabs on the page as well. The videos from CES 2013 and My LG Eco Home are both impressive.

The Facebook team has done a really good job with all the bells and whistles but the main part, the content, needs serious attention.


Disappointing. Disappointing. Disappointing.

LG India Tweets Sent

LG India Mentions Received

Yes the handle has a good 5000+ followers. But just have a look at the tweets!

All the customer queries are responded with template lines copy-pasted from a doc file. Really really disappointing. And when the handle is not responding to customer complaints, it is replicating the self-promotional attitude of its Facebook page.


Wow. Wow. Wow.

The YouTube channel greets you with a nicely design custom page where all the LG products are showcased.

Also the brand has moved away from TVCs to creating real value video content. So you find yourself watching an interesting program titled LG Mallika-E-Kitchen which is program geared towards their target segment. This video content works as an effective channel for the promotion of LG's products.

Bulletin Board

LG India even has a bulletin board with 1000+ members where people can discuss LG's World Record products. Now I am not sure why the brand wanted to start a bulletin board (obsolete) instead of starting another Facebook page for the same.

Comparison with Competitor

While LG is lacking on several fronts, fellow South Korean brand Samsung is doing a stellar job at engaging its audience. Not only their updates are interesting and engaging, it also has 3x the people LG has.

engagement comparison

Tweets Sent Comparison

The page is also letting its users share their voice on the wall unlike LG.

Even the Twitter channel of Samsung India is doing a great job at interacting with the community. A friendly and casual voice, it is miles ahead of the templatic communication pursued by LG India.

Comments on Strategy

To be honest, I am disappointed by LG India's activities. I wish they were more interesting on social media. But unfortunately they are not doing enough to stand out.

LG India Engagement Over Time

For a brand as huge as LG, I expected a lot more.

Feedback on Strategy

Poor customer service and bad communication has resulted in people being bitter to the brand as well. Which is not a good sign. LG India should seriously look at evolving into a better brand on social media and improve its communication.

LG India Negative Emotions

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