Social Media Strategy Review: Maggi


This review is a part of our ‘Social Media Strategy Review’ series where we do a 360 degree analysis of a brand’s entire social media activity. You can read the reviews of more brands here.


The best thing ever happened to humanity after the invention of Fire and Wheel, Maggi is the best friend of anyone who’s damn hungry and wants to be filled as soon as possible (never has it taken 2-minutes to get read though!)

Overall Strategy

At the core of Maggi’s marketing and branding is ‘Khushiyan’ (Happiness). The parent brand, Nestle, is trying to position it as a brand which is synonymous with happiness, friendship and togetherness.

Their TVCs featuring Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan is themed around the same philosophy and has been replicated in the online world too.

So you will find the same personality extending to their communication on social media as well.

Source: Simplify360 – A Social Media Analytics Tool

Platform-wise Strategy


If you’re a fan of Maggi, the Meri Maggi Facebook page will get you hooked instantly. As expected, the page is heavy on images but there is a twist to it. Unlike Sunfeast and Cafe Coffee Day, the images are neither visually brilliant nor shot by professionals. And not to forget their hinglish way of talking.

These are real photos being shared by Maggi lovers with the page.

Sticking to its theme, the updates are about how Maggi brings people together for a happy time. And it is of little surprise that they are having an amazing engagement rate!

Source: Simplify360 – A Social Media Analytics Tool
Source: Simplify360 – A Social Media Analytics Tool

But the best thing is how they have managed to crowdsource all their content and created a buzzing community – a community that loves them absolutely!


Thoroughly disappointed to see that there is no Twitter handle for Maggi. Just do a Twitter search and look at the number of people gushing about Maggi over there!


Okay this is getting repetitive and boring. Another brand, another YouTube channel, full of TVCs. And for a brand which is as famous (and loved) as Maggi, they don’t even have more than 40k video views for their videos.

Comparison with Competitor

Well, Top Ramen and Sunfeast Yippee noodles are still finding feet with their social media activities, so I am taking up Ching’s Secret as Maggi’s competitor. It is the only brand that can come close to Maggi’s social media presence, or does it? Let’s see.

To begin with, Ching’s Secret’s social media strategy is not as focussed as Maggi. While Maggi is about warmth and togetherness, Ching’s Secret is almost everywhere. Only recently have they started the ‘Hunger ki Bajao’ campaign. Hope it works for them.

But until then, the following comparison between Maggi and Ching’s Secret’s engagement is self-explanatory.

Source: Simplify360 – A Social Media Analytics Tool
Source: Simplify360 – A Social Media Analytics Tool

Mind you, they are not much far apart when it comes to the number of ‘likes’ each page has. They would have got brownie points for having a Twitter presence but unfortunately, it is not active since more than a year.

Comments on The Strategy

Kudos to Maggi for its brilliance in porting its offline image so perfectly to the online world. Not only has it engaged beautifully with its TG, it has also earned die-hard fans out of them!

Source: Simplify360 – A Social Media Analytics Tool

And this earned loyalty has been a combined result of the product quality and good content marketing.

Feedback on The Strategy

Undoubtedly, people love Maggi. Their strategy has worked and the brand is as successful as ever both online and offline.

Source: Simplify360 – A Social Media Analytics Tool

To conclude, Maggi is one of the finest examples of crowdsourcing and content marketing on Facebook. Great job that needs to be extended to other platforms as well.

Analytics support courtesy: Simplify360