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This review is a part of our ‘Social Media Strategy Review’ series where we do a 360 degree analysis of a brand’s entire social media activity. You can read the reviews of more brands here.


From Multi-screen Media, India's leading television group owned majorly by Sony, PIX is an out and out Hollywood TV channel.

Overall Strategy

Aspiring to position itself as the channel where the best in Hollywood can be viewed (tagline: Hollywood is Here), Sony PIX has its presence on 3 major platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

A fairly huge Facebook page, a highly interactive Twitter account and a regularly updated YouTube channel are powering the social media marketing of Sony PIX.

Let's delve deep into their social media activities, shall we?

Sony pix word cloud

Platform-wise Strategy


The Sony PIX Facebook page is fairly engaging with interactive content. On an average there are about 4-5 updates a day with one of them being about the movie to be screened at 9 PM that night.

The interactive updates revolve around Hollywood celebrities and trivia about them. They derive the maximum engagement out the fans.

Sony PIX Engagement

Sony Pix Social Media average response

Also, Sony PIX has the habit of changing its cover photo every day. The cover photo thus changed shows the movies to be screened that day. With emphasis, again, on the 9 PM show.

It is also doing an impressive job of promoting its Movie Club screenings via Facebook events.

The page also has several custom tabs, though several of them are old now and have not been removed yet.


Sony PIX has a highly interactive Twitter handle @PixTv. Not only does it tweet regularly about movie updates, it also organizes contests and branded hashtag campaigns on a regular basis.

It is these campaigns that has resulted in the creation of a buzzing community around Sony PIX.

GetPixed Contest Sony Pix twitter

Also, the interactions @/SonyPIX has with its fans is worth noticing. Friendly and funny, it is a great example of exuding branding personality via communication.


The YouTube channel of Sony PIX is regularly updated with videos that are short and interesting in nature. Mostly movie snippets, these videos are also shared across on Facebook and Twitter.

The channel boasts of more than 850k views and will soon touch 10k subscribers soon.

But it surprised me when I saw there was a different channel altogether for their 'Chicks on Flicks' program. They could have integrated the both instead of creating a separate channel altogether. More so because the 'Chicks on Flicks' channel is getting a better response than the parent channel.

Study of the 'Sorry Girls' Campaign

From January 11th onwards, Sony PIX has started promoting its 'Sorry Girls' campaign. The teaser campaign is trying to create a buzz around something new that is going to be unvelied on January 25th which will divert the attention of guys from their female partners.

sorry girls campaign Pix Tv

The campaign is promoted heavily on both Facebook and Twitter is and generating curiosity amongst its users.

Comparison with Competitor

Star Movies India is one of India's oldest Hollywood Movie channels. And not only does it have a bigger community on Facebook, it also has a highly engaging community as well.

Star Movies Sony Pix comparison Simplify 360

engagement over time comparison Sony pix Star Movies

The content strategy for both is almost similar, except the fact that Star Movies is less self-promotional.

On Twitter, Star Movies has a bigger community but Sony PIX has managed to build a far more engaging community. Sony PIX's conversation style has managed to touch the core of people. Also, the fact that Sony PIX holds branded contests/campaigns more frequently, they have gained more ardent followers.

Sony Pix Star Movies Klout Score Simplify 360

Comments on Strategy

Sony PIX's attempts at positioning itself as the home of Hollywood is working well as you can see people gushing about it in their public updates. The content and communication have worked very well in establishing this brand image.

sony pix twitter Simplify360

Feedback on Strategy

The community is vibrant and fairly engaging. And not to mention that there are several influencers who are a part of the community as well.

sony pix influencers Simplify 360

To conclude, the present social media strategy is working well for Sony PIX but I believe a little more investment in the efforts of Facebook will do it a world of good.

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