Social Media Strategy Review: Zomato


This review is a part of our ‘Social Media Strategy Review’ series where we do a 360 degree analysis of a brand’s entire social media activity. You can read the reviews of more brands here.


Zomato helps you discover places around you to eat and  has presence in 18 cities spread across India, Sri Lanka, UAE and UK.

Overall Strategy

Zomato aims to be the place where Foodie’s hangout. In fact, it had rechristened itself as a Food Network last year. It is leveraging 3 primary platforms to power its own Food Network: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Their social media content strategy revolves around food and restaurants but the efforts look a little half-hearted. I personally believe there are many fronts where Zomato can do a stellar job!

zomato word cloud simplify 360

Platform-wise Strategy


Though Zomato has a 269k strong Facebook community, it is seriously lacking in engagement.

Zomato Facebook Engagement Simplify 360

Zomato Social Media Engagement over time

The page doesn’t have regular updates going out. Only a handful go out each month. But whatever content they share, they do a stellar job at it. These content pieces get amazing traction and response from the community. Which is why it surprises me when I don’t see a lot many of such awesome content being shared.


Twitter is where Zomato shines. Twitter is primarily being used as a conversation platform and the brand is doing an excellent job at engaging in conversation with the people.

They are keeping a close tab on all the mentions of Zomato and are responding to each and every one of them. Even people are tweeting questions to them asking for restaurant suggestions.

Zomato Twitter simplify 360


The Zomato blog is the company’s mouthpiece where it shares all the latest updates about the brand and its initiatives. Though the posts are written very well, there is no regularity here as well.


A visual treat and a foodie’s true delight, the content shared on their Pinterest channel is simply amazing! Though the account doesn’t boast of a huge follower count, the content is simply amazing.

They should work hard on promoting it.

Zomato Food Porn

Zomato has come up with an amazing portal that is a beautiful amalgamation of social, mobile and crowdsourcing. Powered by Instagram, the Zomato Food Porn microsite amasses food images from Instagram users.

Zomato Food Porn

If you are an Instagram user, all you have to do is to take a snap of the food and share it using the tag #Zomato. The image automatically gets shared on the microsite.

Comparison with Competitor

With the might of Network 18 behind it, still can’t give a tough fight to Zomato. I mentioned how Zomato is low content and it has low engagement, but Burrp is worse. Even when it is adding content twice a day, there is still not enough engagement to mention about.

Zomato Burrp comparison Social Media Simplify360

Zomato Burrp comparison Social Media Simplify360

Also, Zomato is doing a better job on Twitter. It has more interactions and more buzz as compared to Burrp. Not to mention, more followers.

Comments on Strategy

If you carefully look at Zomato’s interactions on Twitter, you will realize that it is evolving into a hub of Foodies. People asking for suggestions, interacting with the handle and  praising it; it has successfully transformed itself into a Food Network.

Zomato Twitter conversations Simplify 360

Feedback on Strategy

Whatever handful of updates shared by Zomato on Facebook are highly engaging. And add to it the impressive presence of Twitter and what you have in front of you is a brand that is being loved by almost everyone.

Zomato Social Media Sentiments

Now if only Zomato starts sharing more of these awesome updates and starts being more awesome.

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