Enterprise Should Know Social Media is a CEO Problem

Bhupendra Khanal
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Social media Problems:

1. I have 2 M fans on Facebook. How many of them are actually my customers or potential customers?


Get the CRM integration. Add the Social Fields in your CRM system and start collecting the Social Profiles in the customer application forms.

2. What is the ROI of Social Media?


Use coupons, micro-sites/landing pages, FB apps etc., feed the data to the CRM system. Convince the CFO to release the financial data. Create the metrics like leads generated, leads converted, revenue earned.

Use Social CRM for Customer Service and track cost per case solved. Use the ad cost saved for impressions or leads generated, or use cost saved to get the space in the mainline media. ROI is just there.

Buzz generated, if it is a metric for you (it will be if you are brand conscious), its fairly straight forward.

3. How do I build my Social Media Strategy? What is the ultimate strategy?


Every company have their Marketing strategy or Finance Strategy. Best practices can only take so far. Every business success comes from the art leader shows while using the available resources.

Social Media is no different. There is no ultimate way to succeed.

Build a strategy. Defend it with proper focus and action. Build a Story!


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