Social Media Agency Feature: EveryMedia Technologies

everymedia technologies

Who are we?

We are a full-service digital and mobile marketing company and consummate communication strategists. In layman terms, we are a 360-degree digital marketing agency, with focus on movies and brands. Our team of dedicated analysts, content writers and enthusiastic creative minds make it a point to see our clients happy and content.

 What’s in the name?

It is said that a name describes what a company does best. In our case, we are present on almost every front of media. From online campaigns to outdoor, print and event advertising, we do it all.

What we do?

Our job is simple; we make our clients happy along while keeping them satisfied and worry free about their business. We give brands online identities; a virtual impression where their digital footprints emulate their business journey.

We are experts at digital rights management, content monetization, community management, social gaming, innovative media planning, social gaming ad serving, social media video production, brand communication strategy, augmented reality, 3D print and web development, social media campaign design & development Co-sponsorships & merchandising, creative services, website development, technology solutions, mobile marketing and more.

Why we do it?

When the social networking sites first showed up, it was all about finding a convenient way of communication. This convenience grew to be so addictive that everyone around the globe started using social media platforms. This not only connected people from different paths of life, but also gave companies a new method of marketing themselves.

Everymedia capitalized on that opportunity by coming up with innovative & scientific ways of helping our clients enter the virtual arena of connectivity. We make life simple for our clients. We provide them with expertise they can count on and trust.

How we evolve?

Our method is scientifically driven. We set goals and then we go about achieving them. Innovation has played a major part in our evolution and we have always innovated with each of our campaigns, be it movies or brands.

In the words of our CEO, “We are not a genius company, we are a hardworking company.” This has always been our motto. While working, we keep INNOVATION in mind.

Social responsibility in social media

Social Media now has transcended beyond being the whining ground for teenagers talking about how they lost their expensive smart phones. It is now a serious platform for business and contemporary companies are aware of it.

It is our duty at Everymedia to make sure our clients’ online presence keeps up to their offline reputation. We ensure that our client is represented ethically across all platforms; we take care of all the positive/negative comments, while carefully treading the thin line between what’s legal and what’s ethical.

Need of the hour

A lot of us have faced a hijacked profile on Facebook or Twitter, sending out obscene messages to complete strangers. Imagine the same with a reputed brand with a formidable influence in the segment and how this could deride their reputation. Eliminating such threats is the need of the hour.

We need proper laws and regulations in place for such issues with penalties that will knock the socks off the culprit. Our agenda is our client’s business reputation and that is our biggest priority.

They work with us

Our clientele includes, Hyundai, Eros Now, PVR, Yash Raj Films and many more.

We learned the hard way

The kind of growth we have been witnessing in the last two months, it will be impossible for any other company to keep up with it. It didn’t come easy, we scrambled and cried like little teenagers for space, but then it all finally fell into place.

This is something we learnt the hard way.

Industry as we foresee

The future lies in connectivity and we all know that. As technology grows better, connectivity evolves and that’s what we foresee about the industry, its evolution. We are not sure where this industry is going to go, but we know one thing for sure, that it will evolve massively. In the next 20 years, Internet might even take over the TV viewing population.

A day without Internet

Ever seen a bunch of monkeys, scratching and screeching, making obscene gestures at each other? That’s exactly what happens to us when the Internet goes out at Everymedia.

We feel like monkeys sitting on trees eating fruits, like we have devolved. The feeling of mental paralysis slowly creeps in and takes over our imagination and suddenly the Internet comes back and we are thrown back into our normal energetic life at Everymedia.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes we are, mail us your resume at [email protected] or call on +91 22 6560 5444