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Oshan Guliani
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Recently attended a seminar on Google Plus at Google’s Guragon office and the outcomes were remarkably interesting. With 42.7 million active Indian users on Google plus and being one of the Top 3 markets, I could jump to only one conclusion that Indian Brands are not doing much to market their brand on Google plus.

With the launch of communities and right side placement on Google search, your brand could be the King of Google search given the use of right techniques. Now, who wouldn’t want their brand to be here?


Right Hand Side Placement on Google Search

Well, It might be very simple to create a Brand Page but it isn’t that easy to feature on Google search unless you fulfill the following conditions:

  • You have a verified Google Plus Page
  • You are active on your brand page with 1 to 2 posts daily

To get verified on Google Plus, these are the requirements:

  • Your Google+ page must be authorized by your commercial entity, organization, brand, or product.
  • Your Google+ page’s profile must contain a link to your organization’s website.
  • Your organization’s website must connect to your Google+ page, by adding the Google+ badge or by adding a snippet of code.
  • Your Google+ page must have 100 meaningful followers

Here’s one thing to remember, your brand will feature on Google search only if it’s searched bythe exact ‘brand name’. Eg: Searching ‘chocolate’ for ‘Cadbury’ will not help.

Google Plus would also give you a custom URL if you meet these conditions, something that can be incorporated in your brands SEO strategy.

When Circles become meaningful for brands 

Still wondering about the use of circles for your brand? See what Intel did:


With features so smooth, you do not have to manually add users to the circles you want them to be in. If you use it the Intel way, all you need to do is ask users to classify themselves and +1 to the circle they would want to get information from.

It becomes easier for the brand to Target the right audience and also clears the ‘clutter’ we hear about in the modern day models of advertising.

Meet the people you need with Google Plus Communities

Google Plus launched communities recently, a portal to meet the people who share your interest and definitely a place for brands to get insights on their products and services and know what your audience is looking for.

It might be similar to Groups features on Facebook but what makes it’s different and amazing is the way in which conversations flow and segmentation offered for various content shared.


For a brand, communities provide an opportunity to gather people together for Topics/Issues relevant to them and get solutions that would increase Social Engagement while getting feedback without creating much confusion.

With a pool of interactive features, this is the right time for Indian Brands to modify their Social Media Strategy and add a little bit of Google Plus to their lives. The results might just be worth working for.

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