Social Media Campaign Review: ICICI Pru Life Smart Kid

icici pru life


ICICI Prudential Life has been promoting their Child Plans through a campaign called Smart Kid on various mediums like videos, adverts and television commercials.

A contest was introduced to increase awareness about their Child Plans and generate participation from target audience.


An interactive app was created for the contest on the Youtube page.

ICICI Prudential Life Social media campaign review YouTube

The contest involves 3 simple steps: Signing in with your social profile, uploading pictures of your child and finally giving an appropriate/interesting title to your video. You can choose to sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. The sign in step is optional and can be skipped.

The pictures get embedded at the end of the ICICI Prudential brand video “Papa Kehte Hai Juniors”. The new video created becomes your entry to the contest. You can also share your video on your social networks.

The pictures uploaded should be moments of pride and joy for your kid such as annual day, dance participation, award function etc.

ICICI Prudential social media campaign review uploads

3 winning entries will get an iPad mini each. Twitter and their website have also been used to promote this contest.


The contest closely relates to parents and induces a feeling of pride towards their children.It subtly communicates that parents must start planning for their child’s future with ICICI’s financial products.

The motto and theme are well synchronized and connects with the right target audience, parents.

Youtube as a platform to run this contest is a good change from the usual social networks. The application created and customized for ICICI Prudential is very user friendly and innovative.

Participants do not have to go through the hassle of creating and uploading a video by themselves. All they have to upload a picture, and they get a ready made customized video to share it with their friends. This increases the scope of virality.

In addition, the campaign is well integrated with other Social Networks.

Scope of improvement:

The picture gets embedded at the end of the ICICI Prudential Smart Kid video, which is a bit too long. One has to wait till the end of the video to see their child’s image. The entries aren’t very distinguishing from each.

Presence of the video in every entry seems futile. They could have made a shorter version keeping the contest clean and easy to judge.

The terms and conditions of the contest aren’t visible on the page until a person participates and reach the submit step.


It is very encouraging of a financial brand like ICICI Prudential Life to have their presence on social networks and conduct innovative campaigns. They seem to have invested a decent amount of time and efforts in this campaign and in return have received good participation. The video alone has over 6,31,349 hits and the YouTube page has over 24,96,000 hits.

In fact, ICICI Bank has been doing an Excellent job with is overall Social Media Strategy!

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