Social Media Campaign Review: ICICIdirect Hangout

Bhagyashree Rewatkar
Feb 22, 2013 11:32 IST
Social Media Campaign Review: ICICIdirect Hangout


ICICIdirect launched a social media campaign to promote their investment tool and services, aiming to increase its ability to reach, engage and educate the country’s growing internet audience. They are creating awareness in investor education and helping people learn more about meeting their financial goals in a planned manner


The campaign runs mutually on two social media platforms, Youtube and Facebook. Youtube is the main platform, where a "Hangout" tab plays the introductory animation.

Social media campaign review ICICIdirect Yotube

It features two animated characters – Gyaano, the magician and MoBo, the money boss. These characters interpret financial jargons and help resolve complicated solutions through friendly suggestions. User can play around the hangout tab with the various pop up options that the animated characters offer.

Investment tool, an app on Facebook that helps you plan your finances as per your needs and requirements. It's a 3 step process, where user enters his query and details and the solution is responded.

Social emdia campaign review ICICIdirect investment tool facebook

Mobo’s Pathshala, a videoscope, again a Facebook app that showcases learning videos. These videos are also available on the youtube channel.

Virtual Stocks” is a game on the Facebook page that allows users to virtually experiment, experience and learn stock market during Live trading hours in a safe environment.

On Twitter, The same theme has been implemented. Tip of the day, financial advices and related information is tweeted regularly.


The campaign is very innovative and unique. It has given the audience a prospect to learn about Finance in a very simple, friendly and entertaining way. If you educate your fans and help them, there are high chances that they will come back to you as your customers and ICICI has got it right!

The campaign is relevant to the brand identity and the video content in it enhances communication.

There is a great integration of all the Social Media media platforms used. As a result the campaign stands out and boosts ICICI's overall online presence.

Using animated characters as their mascot is a good way to attract consumers and increases visibility. The YouTube page is well designed with animated features and makes it a fun experience for the viewer.

The virtual stocks application drives traffic to the website. Users have to register themselves to participate. Thus the campaign strategically taps the right audience.

The whole campaign could be used to monitor consumer behavioural pattern and draw actionable consumer insights

Scope of improvement:

ICICIdirect has invested a good amount to develop this campaign to attain more consumers and publicity in an informative way. The outreach however is limited.

Youtube page has over 12k viewers and 300+ subscribers. Facebook has merely 3.5k+ likes. Given to the efforts taken, the output is relatively low.

Facebook ads could have helped increase their promotions and user interactions. They have developed a good tool which can get more visibility. A small contest could also work in their favour.


It’s evident that ICICIdirect is taking efforts to be present on social media and increase engagement with users. A well planned campaign that requires more visibility.

The campaign successfully bridges the gap between fan and customer acquisition.

ICICI bank has been doing applaudable job on the digital sphere. Read on:

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