Social Media Campaign Review: NDTV Goodtimes "A Whole New World"

Bhagyashree Rewatkar
Feb 15, 2013 08:07 IST
Social Media Campaign Review: NDTV Goodtimes "A Whole New World"


NDTV Goodtimes is popularly known as a channel with an array of varied shows. They introduced a new home makeover show called “A whole new world” in association with Asian Paints and Century Plyboards.

With a team of experts in the fields of architecture, interior design and home technology, they will help makeover homes of individuals and giving tips to viewers on beautifying their home. To promote the launch of their show, they invited viewers to participate in the “A Whole New World” challenge.


An interactive app on Facebook is used to host this challenge. Fans, using their imagination and colour combinations have to paint a virtual room and get maximum people to like it in order to win a free home makeover from the show.

social media campaign review ndtv goodtimes a whole new world facebook

Participant first selects a room from the options available on the app. Next step is being as creative as you can playing with colours and textures on different walls. The walls act as your canvas to create your masterpiece.

social media campaign review ndtv goodtimes a whole new world paint

You are then required to enter your contact details and complete the slogan “I need a dream home makeover because...” You can share your creation with friends and generate maximum votes.

The lucky winner gets featured on the show and gets a chance for an all paid home makeover. Here’s the promo of the show:

This contest ended on 14th Feb 2013.


The TV show involves renovating homes and giving them a makeover, so does the app. It lets you be artistic and create a masterpiece on virtual space. This shows that they maintained the concept both on ground and off ground.

The show is in partnership with two other brands. This contest has been well promoted by both Asian Paints and Century Ply on their social networks. A good synergy has been observed amongst the three brands.

Scope of improvement:

The Facebook app created on the page is not well aligned and placed. More attention to detail could have been given to rectify this error. After all it’s the brand image.

The page has over 3.5L likes and about 9k people talking about it, yet only few comments on posts. They could have made the contest a little more attractive and interactive.


NDTV Goodtimes “A Whole New World” believes in making your home more suited to new changes like an upcoming birth of a child, aging parents moving in or a new married life. Though the show is one of it’s kind in India, the contest isn't very innovative.

The winner will be announced soon and showcased in an upcoming episode.

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