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Pepsi Oh Yes abhi


PepsiCo has replaced DLF Ltd as the title sponsor of IPL starting with the 2013 season. Carrying forward its association with IPL T20, Pepsi India comes up with its new brand positioning, ‘Oh Yes Abhi’ to connect with its impulsive target audience. This is in sync with their new tvc "Oh Yes Abhi"


The campaign started on their micro site. Fans are expected to voice their thoughts on what they are impatient about or what they really want right now with hashtags #CantWaitAbhi and #OhYesAbhi


The micro site contained a box where fans had to put in their answers via a Facebook or twitter account. Answers could be posted multiple times. A huge Pepsi bottle was placed in the center with bubbles floating to the top. The bubbles contained incoming answers from across users which works like a live feed.

Pepsi India Cantwaitabhi

Twitter users had to tweet their answers with the hashtag #CantWaitAbhi.

Similarly on Facebook, Pepsi India had kept the activity alive with regular feeds and posts. Thus they are ensuring engagement of fans, by urging them to participate and create conversations.

There have also been videos featuring influencers(if we may call 'em so) like Adarsh Munjal -The Big BhookadAshwin Mushran etc. expressing their impulsive moments of what they cant wait for.

Taking the Cant wait Abhi campaign forward, Pepsi runs a one day contest- Pepsi Insider, giving its fans a chance to attend the Pepsi IPL auctions 2013 in VVIP style!

Pepsi Insider contest IPL 2013 Auctions

To participate in the Contest, a user has to log on to ‘Pepsi India’ fanpage on Facebook and answer three questions correctly. Users can participate in the Contest as many times as possible during the duration of the Contest.The contest is valid on February 1, 2013 from from 10 am to 5pm.

Out of all the Contests answering the three questions correctly one lucky winner will be taken out by draw of lots.


The overall campaign is well integrated and is aggressively pushing its message forward across all platforms.

The microsite has been kept minimal while being fun and interactive. It’s user friendly with easy access to anyone on facebook or twitter.

The uniqueness of the hashtag #CantWaitAbhi and #OhYesAbhi is that it isn't brand specific. Users without any knowledge of the contest have also been responding to it. It has been trending on twitter on and off in the past few days.

Pepsi Inida kept its audience enthralled with their quirkiness and witty replies.

In addition, Pepsi has featured few trusted influencers on  its Youtube Channel. The impact of these influencers ensures a high potential to reach a bigger audience.

Scope of improvement:

The Pepsi Insider contest is active for only for a day. Considering the fact that Pepsi is the main sponsor for IPL 2013, they could have done a huge campaign for several days around the IPL auctions. The short span of the contest will earn very less attention.

Three factual questions can hardly help in increasing engagement or testing fan loyalty. Nothing stops participants from Googling answers. This is probably the first phase of the activity, will be interesting to see what they come up with in the coming few months.


The overall campaign has been successfully running online and is gaining attention from its audience. Although a lot more could have been done around the IPL auctions.

Featured Image by: Pepsi India Facebook

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