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This review is a part of our ‘Social Media Strategy Review’ series where we do a 360 degree analysis of a brand’s entire social media activity. You can read the reviews of more brands here.


BMW India a pioneer in bringing luxurious dealerships to India has set very high standards in service quality and customer care.

Overall Strategy:

BMW India's Social Media strategy revolves around updates about BMW India's offline activities and news. BMW India's overall online cloud demonstrates that its online strategy  is helping to enhance the efficiency of its overall PR strategy.

BMW India overall cloud Source: Simplify360 - A Social Media Analytics Tool

Platform-wise Strategy


BMW India's Facebook page updates consist of interesting content around the brand like showroom launches, new models, offline events, awards, in-house news, etc. BMW being an aspirational brand, people would naturally want to talk about it, like it, share it with their friends, or even write about it.

But the updates on BMW's page are not intercative, hardly leaving any scope for conversation. A huge difference between the number of likes and comments clearly denotes this.

BMW Facebook engagement Source: Simplify360 - A Social Media Analytics Tool

Fans have been following and liking the brand, but there is very less engagement and conversation. To some extend this asserts its exclusivity.

BMW Social Media engagement Source: Simplify360 - A Social Media Analytics Tool


It has a verified Twitter profile. I am highly disappointed with its Twitter strategy. No Tweets, No conversations at all.

BMW India Twitter


BMW is doing a very good job on YouTube. BMW India's YouTube channel is customized with rich with content. Videos depicting test drives, history of the brand, car launches, races, making of the car, etc. are lined up on its YouTube Channel that boast of  over 3 lakh video views.

Comparison with Competitor:

Audi India has a slightly bigger community compared to BMW. As a result, its engagement rate is also slightly more than BMW's engagement rate.

BMW Audi India Facebook engagement comparison Source: Simplify360 - A Social Media Analytics Tool

Just like BMW, Audi too lacks conversation, engagement and generic updates on Facebook. I personally feel, the content quality of BMW India is slightly more superior that that of Audi.

BMW Audi India online engagement comparison Source: Simplify360 - A Social Media Analytics Tool

On the other hand, Audi India proactively engages in conversations on Twitter unlike BMW.

Audi is among very few Indian brands who have jump started a Pinterest presence too! It is striving to pick up right board themes and building an active follower base on Pinterest.

There is a tough fight between BMW and Audi India's YouTube Channels. Audi too is rich with equally good content and video views.

However, Audi and BMW India have been always known to compete with each other on the Digital Space.

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Comments on Strategy:

BMW India's overall strategy focuses on high-quality, aspirational imagery by flaunting the uber awesomeness of the brand.

Feedback on Strategy:

Although BMW's strategy is avoiding superfluous conversation by differentiating itself, it is more about sharing the substance of the brand. Preferably, rather than creating and taking part in conversations, BMW is allowing to conversations to form around itself. It is speaking to spark conversations and asserting its presence in the digital space.

Its overall online sentiments depict that BMW India has been doing a great job with its Social Media.

BMW Online Sentiment Source: Simplify360 – A Social Media Analytics Tool

However, it can improve upon its Twitter strategy.

Analytics support courtesy: Simplify360

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