Workshop on Facebook Application Design

Facebook Application Design workshop

e3 InfoTech a specialized IT and professional Training, Software development is organizing a Workshop on “Facebook Application design- A Product design Perspective keeping in mind the end user” in association with Pint Maven.

This thought provoking 6 hours session is targeted towards Digital marketers including entrepreneurs looking at Facebook as potential marketing platform and Facebook App Developers and scheduled on February 09, 2013 from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The session will through some lights on:

Design (and not development) perspective towards FB app

 Answers some of the questions like

  • Digital Agency sells concept, brand manager buys relevance, Technology Company provides the code BUT who designs the concept as a product?
  • What is product design perspective towards FB apps?
  • Why product design perspective is important to FB apps?
  • How to apply product design perspective?
  • Why is user journey important for the success of FB app?

Getting maximum benefit from FB app

Scope of Workshop

  • User Experience
  • User Journey

The role of a user in entire Facebook application lifecycle.


  • Everything does not need to be Kolavari Di to be called Viral!

Repeat Quotient

  • Does my app have repeat quotient?
  • Ways to increase repeat value of the app


  • Numbers are sexy but only if you can read them!


  • Where and how would the app be discovered?


  • Damn! Making sense of Facebook policies is so hard!


The focus would be more on delivering practical experience through case studies and hands on practice. For more details about the Facebook Application design workshop, please visit here

About the Lead

Ankit Garg is first generation serial entrepreneur. He is the founding director of Pint Maven, technology driven digital solutions company. Prior to Pint Maven, he co-founded Web Cocktail, social media company which boasted of clients like Maruti Suzuki, Hindustan Times, Danone, Ritu Wears, and Hughes Communications among others. With MBA from Management Development Institute (MDI), Ankit is known for his relationship building, concept development and monetizing opportunities skills. He is the driving force behind proprietary workflow for Facebook App Design and Development at Pint Maven.