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Jan 31, 2013 09:28 IST
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Who are we?

We are technology driven digital solutions company. We partner with agencies to power digital campaigns. With our robust delivery and processes we act as execution partners for Digital agencies, Media Firms, Branding and Communication and Marketing Solutions Company.

The founders bring in strong and relevant experience in technology, digital marketing and E-Commerce. With the deep experience of founders, product based solutions are also planned along the way.

pint maven Rakesh Kathuria






Rashik Kathuria is CTO of the company and brings in more than 20 years of technology experience. Rashik has been managing outsourced projects and teams for customers globally since. Having worked with customers from India, USA, UK, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Rome, Estonia, and several other countries, he understands the execution process and multiple cultural challenges of working with globally distributed teams.

Pint Maven Karan Bhatia






Karan Bhatia is COO of the company with extensive experience in digital marketing. He was the co-founder of Web Cocktail which got merged with Pint Maven. As COO of Web Cocktail, he has deployed large advertising budgets on Facebook.

Pint Maven Ankit Garg







Ankit Garg is Chief Strategy Office and Business Head. Prior to Pint Maven, he co-founded boutique social media agency Web Cocktail which served clients like Maruti Suzuki, Hindustan Times among others. He brings in rich experience of E-Commerce and is deft at concept development.

What's in the name?

Pint means small and Maven means expert. We figured out that any digital campaign is dependent on executing small pieces expertly hence the name.

What we do?

There are 2 sets of activities which we do –

1. Technical: We provide every possible technical development support

2. User Experience: We provide expertise on predicting and documenting user journey and experience for digital campaigns.

 Why we do it?

Says Ankit Garg, Director, Pint Maven,

We were figuring out a gap in the entire value chain of digital advertising where we could make the most impact, when we realized that there is dearth of good execution partners of existing agencies.

Typically agencies run on very tight timelines since everything is fluid. As a result they are always on the look-out for technology partners who can turn-around stuff in short deadlines.

Another challenge for agencies is to forecast user journey and experience which can have a major impact on the overall success of the campaign. With the objective to solve these challenges, Pint Maven was conceived in late 2012.

How we evolve?

We plan to keep ahead of the curve by building IP in the company. We have already developed proprietary workflows for Facebook App Design and Development and have in-fact executed couple of projects for one of India’s biggest digital marketing agency.

 Social responsibility in social media

We truly believe that any business done on information asymmetry doesn’t have strong feet. Our industry makes it all the more true. There are no secrets to it and are –

1. Be committed to support the client and get amazed how clients would support you

2. Respect from the client

3. Never die spirit to become better at what you do

Need of the hour

More responsible behavior from people at large in using social media.

We learned the hard way

Try to make life of client easier and smoother

They work with us

We are working with one of India’s largest digital marketing agency along with couple of more.

Industry as we foresee

There is a whole set of generation which would access social media for the first time directly from their smart phones. Industry needs to address that population. Video Marketing would also become big in 2013.

A day without Internet

Hard to imagine what would it feel!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Currently nope but very soon.

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