Applications of Social Media

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Applications of Social Media

Social Media” is quite a confusing term! Difficult to define, social media represents a collaboration of all the different intricate details of blogging to social networking and even extends to include forums as well. Social media has set the Internet a buzz. With its wide variety of applications, social media is real deal. Here are some top notch applications of the same:

1. Social Networking

Time has come where we cannot imagine our life without Facebook. Thank God for you Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is something that we use almost use on a daily basis to connect and renew old contacts. The opportunity to learn from others here is tremendous. You can follow posts, statuses and trolls whichever to your interest. Other social networking sites like Ning are also coming up in a big big way!

2. Blogging

There is no better way to learn than from blogs. Be it study material or how to a basic tasks , blogs cover just about anything. Experts and newbies can share their ideas and give tips to a large audience. Some take to blogging as if it were to be writing their personal diary. Sharing stories with strangers across the globe is an amazing way to make new friends and get feedback.

3. Job Search

With the world taking to networking, social media is the best way to meet and make contacts in the virtual world. Contacts may even materialise into a potential job opportunity. Take the example of LinkedIn, it allows you to the see the profiles of the right people and gives the freedom to connect to the right people. You can ask questions to anyone, that is the power of LinkedIn!

4. Photo Sharing

With Picasa and Flickr one can share his photo albums with just about anyone. If you ever need pictures for a report , you know where to go!

5. RSS Feeds

Google Reader is the foremost choice of many when it comes to picking an RSS reader. With this , you share information with people you’d like to share. You can restrict the information viewers as well. The best thing about such RSS readers is that you to interact with many people across the bologsphere.

6. Social Media Marketing

Got a small business and don’t how to start advertising? Twitter and Facebook are weapons in disguise when it comes to promoting any product, business or any new venture. The attention received costs less and can help you rake in the mullah!

7. Video Sharing

Are you a young musician and don’t know where to start out? Do have a video that you’d like to share a video with the rest of the world? Take to Youtube your No.1 stop for video sharing. You can check out several video blogs whenever you like. The best part it is free.

8. Integrated Social Environment

Ever tried Google Apps? It gives you amazing privileges. One can customise a start up page and any one can upload work instantly. Sound like a piece of cake doesn’t it? Moodle is also making its mark in establishing itself as a social collaborative environment. You can participate in forums and chat at ease.

9. Micro-blogging

Every tweet on twitter has had its impact on someone or the other. Twitter has grown to a playground where the uninspired get inspired. One can expand his network and immediately connect with the masses in a matter of seconds.

10. Slide Sharing

Gracious souls can help you in your studies or business presentation by uploading their work on websites like Slideshare. The experience with this website is down right phenomenal. Use flashcards or add mp3 files as per your liking to your ppt and you are good to go!

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