Bangalore City Police Takes Action Against Eve teasers through Facebook

bangalore city police

Social Media is making a mark by extending its reach for the welfare of the society. It is slowly bringing out a social change for a greater good. Although Social Media is still in the early stages, Indian citizens have embraced this medium with maturity. It has been generating real participation from the citizens of India.

Bangalore City Police in association with Havas Worldwide Digital Matrix, a full service digital agency has adopted Social Media with an objective to provide a common communication platform and help the city police to listen and engage with the law-abiding citizens. It looks forward to establish a better connect with them.This is first of its kind of program which is instrumental in generating awareness among citizens. Bangalore City Police has been building a Community via platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

It has been doing an amazing job by embracing Social Media to spread awareness, educating the mass about crimes, giving safety tips to the community, uploading “wanted” posters to spread awareness among the masses.

Recently, a User named Akshay Kingar reported on the Bangalore City Police Facebook Page that two of his female friends were being eve teased by two boys. Akshay had taken a photo of them, along with the bike number . He requested Police to take action and the girls were willing to testify as well.

bangalore city police

Bangalore City Police

The Bangalore Police immediately traced the hooligans took action against them. They have been receiving overwhelming response and appreciation of this good deed!

Bangalore City Police eve teasers

The Bangalore City Police has been continuesly using Facebook as an important channel to reach out to the people. It has adopted Social Media in its core processes. Here’s and other example :

Bangalore police on facebook

Social Media has over time become a stream of real time-data and facts directly from the citizens. Alert citizens have been playing roles of journalists and informers for the Bangalore Police. Thus, Social Media is been complementing the Police forces by making their work easy.

Issues are are being taken seriously and the police can reach out to the grass roots level. There is an open dialogue and exchange of information between citizens and police. It gives voice to the masses who were initially dumbfounded.

This is a very good example of how technology can be wisely used to extract actionable intelligence from social media.

Rather than fighting the new media, police has a strong presence on it. It has joined hands with citizens to combat crime. Thus social media extends to social welfare.

Salutes to Bangalore city Police for the great initiative!