Social Media Case Study: Children’s Day by Franklin Templeton India

childrens day

Brand Name:

Franklin Templeton India, Mumbai

Agency Name:

Social Wavelength


To create Awareness, Preference, Direct Response.


Franklin Templeton Investments, believes in the power of long-term investing to create wealth. This forms the core of their business. The wisdom lies in, what we choose to invest in today will shape our tomorrow. To treat and communicate this belief more holistically, they created a platform called ‘Invest for Tomorrow’ that is a launchpad for various online campaigns to mobilize their fan community to come together and do things that make a positive difference to the world of tomorrow.

November 14th is celebrated in India as Children’s Day. Their Children’s Day campaign was launched in association with Akanksha Foundation, a prominent non-profit organization that strives to co-create a better tomorrow for less-privileged children in India. The foundation needs bright, young, and motivated change-makers to join them as teachers.

Franklin Templeton India

They wanted to engage their Facebook community through a focused campaign highlighting the work that Akanksha Foundation has been involved in: profiling the current teachers, some of the students, alumni, etc., all of whom have had transformative experiences with Akanksha.

children's day Facebook campaign franklin templeton

This campaign rode the Children’s Day wave, where the nation was discussing the present and future of our children and children’s education.

Franklin Templeton Akanksha

The entire campaign call to action was pitched as ‘Is there a teacher in you?” This encouraged our Facebook fans to apply (through a specially-designed entry submission app hosted on our Facebook Page) to become a teacher with the Akanksha Foundation.

The campaign ran from November 9-17, 2012 across 21 customized creative posts, images, and stories, and created a significant amount of buzz through Likes, comments and shares, all contributing to significant virality and reach.

Franklin Templeton Children's day


The cause that we stood up for made a great brand connect and resonated with the Facebook community. Special attention was paid to create customized content and an appealing visual identity across our posts, the tab they created, and so on. The campaign was timed around the Children’s Day, which made the content all the more relevant and created discussion and share-ability.

They used Facebook stamp ads and promoted posts to ensure they are reaching out to a critical mass of people (including their fans and non-fans) who, in turn, spread the word took the cause forward by engaging (liking, commenting, sharing) with our content.

Here is a summary of the campaign outcomes:

  • fans added: 20,446
  • total no of unique posts: 23
  • number of Likes: 28,086
  • number of comments: 917
  • number of shares: 1,980

The campaign also received 402 applications through the Facebook app designed to collect applications.

To add another feather to their caps, Franklin Templeton’s Children’s Day campaign has now been featured in Facebook Studio. Facebook Studio is known to feature campaigns from leading global brands like Pentacle, Nissan, Ogilvy, etc.