How Olx India Engages its Fans on Social Media

Nirali Hingwala
New Update

Olx India is one brand that continues to be engaging on Social Media with its ongoing great Content. Its consistent quirky tone connects well with the audience.

It has a mixture of easily digestible eye catching video content with a subtle call to action. This works quite well in engaging its audience.

OLX hosts free user-generated classified advertisements on its website. It provides a virtual market place and a place for discussion forums sorted by various topics. Olx continues to do the same thing social media.

Its content strategy is such that it compels you to sell your old junk and it will make you drool in desire to buy new stuff at irresistible prices.

Olx India is among the few brands who have tweaked its YouTube Channel with some interesting branded content.

The look and feel of the channel perfectly matches with the brand personality.

YouTube is a perfect place for Olx to amplify its marketing beyond the traditional channels. These videos cater to a large audience.

In case you missed this, Olx India also had an amazing Valentines Day YouTube campaign this year. It had created a unique character, Mrs. Bech De, who was a material, agony aunt.

Mrs Bech De was featured in short YouTube episodes.

Everyone has a love for their favourite objects and things. Through the Character Mrs. Bech De, Olx India is setting a new trend to disregard sentiments as a simple solution to the complexities. She says, Olx pe bech de!

Through its YouTube channel, Olx India conveys the message that it is a perfect place to get good value for your stuff. In return you can buy things at the best deal.

I really liked the concept of the campaign.

The YouTube channel is in sync with other online as well as offline marketing campaigns. This gives it an enhanced presence in the digital world making these videos easily searchable.

As you can see Olx is doing a commendable job on YouTube. And it is doing an equally commendable job on Facebook. It tries to engage its fans with an either/or, Yes/No, pick one type of questions rather than asking lengthy open ended questions.

Such content is a perfect way to crack Facebook Edgerank with some quick likes and responses. It works well with Olx to increase interaction on its fan page.

The entire Social Media Strategy of Olx India is well integrated with its other campaigns. With this it earns extra brownie points!